Slowed Baby Movement At 30 Weeks

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mcatherine - June 27

I know I've seen this posted on here before, but I can't find it. I am 30 weeks and it seems baby's movements have really slowed over the past week. I still get my normal kick count once a day and baby gets a few good knocks in every now and then, but it just seems as though the movement I was feeling morning, noon and night has really just changed into nights lately. Has anyone else expereiced this thus far?


julesnac - June 27

hey mcatherine. i've noticed my little guy slowing down on and off. maybe they're reaching capacity the farther along we get. i'm a couple weeks behind you, but i know mine is a big baby also. he used to kick constantly too and there's been a couple days recently i'm like- ok, time to make sure you're still there... with my first movement got less and less as it got closer.


yourtrish - June 27

Hey McC. I can totally relate. I'm 30 weeks as well, and noticed the exact same thing. I was actually starting to worry yesturday, but then last night I was suffering from another bout of insomnia and noticed that the baby kicked all night long. Actually, it was more like moved around, twisted and turned all night long...not so many sharp kicks as before. She's also very low in my pelvis, which is harder to feel than when she used to kick up at the edges of my tummy. Anyways, don't worry...I've read it's normal for movement to start to quiet down as the baby slowly runs out of room for their gymnastic exercises! Good luck. Love.t.


mcatherine - June 27

I'm soooo glad to hear I'm not the only one that has noticed this! I never thought he might be already running out of room in there. I drank so much OJ trying to get him to move yesterday I'm sure my blood sugar went through the roof! It didn't even work - poor kid only responds to salads :o) !! I try not to be overly-paranoid, but even after all the docs keep telling me that they see a normal, healthy baby in there, part of me still thinks something has to go wrong. Thanks julesnac and yourtrish...I feel better now.


kimc - June 27

Around 28-31 weeks I felt a LOT less movement... so much so that I called my doctor. She said that during that time there is less room to move so the movements aren't so noticeable sometimes. Now I'm at 32 weeks and the movements have picked up again, and they are so much stronger.


AngelSummers - June 27

I too am 30 weeks and posted a question about my baby's movement slowing down....every one told me that as long as I felt some movement ever thing was ok...however, I went 24 hours with out feeling any thing at all and when I called my doct. he told me to go to the I did but every thing was just fine.....and the very next day I started feeling a lot of movement again.


flower.momma - June 27

Maybe the little guys are running out of room and can only make smaller movements now. I know that at about 32 weeks my dd started seeming a little sluggish. Then a few weeks later I was able to see her hands, elbows, feet and knees pushing my tummy into all kinds of grotesque formations. This sounds mean, but when I began to get worried I would poke her through my belly-b___ton and she would wake up and bump back.


apr - June 28

You have nothing to worry about. I also have that although I am further along - 35 weeks. I even went into the hospital twice because of it, and my baby all of a sudden woke up there. And also, usually the movements become stronger after a break. We all get lazy I suppose... But even so, I was told by my doctor that if I dont feel movements for a long time, to go and get monitored. It usually is ok at the end... Good luck, and nice to know that I am not the only one in this situation.


brandy0903 - July 3

I get real busy the last week of the month at work and on Thursay I did not remember feeling the baby move all day and by time I got home (at 8pm) I was in tears becuase I had been so busy that I was not sure if she had moved or not. So my dear, sweet husband began talking to her and making very loud noises so that it would bother her and sure enough she moved the rest of the night. I think I was just so stressed about it becuase I had not paid attention to her movements all day. (I am 31wks today)


mcatherine - July 3

I'm 31 weeks this week and it seems like he's still slower in there - although I feel him move everyday. I have an ultrasound this afternoon and am hoping he has gained a bunch of weight and is just crowded like everyone says. He never fails me though - just when I go to call the doctor - he'll give me a pretty good kick! At my last u/s they told me his head was alread in the pelvis area and was face down (towards the floor) - I wonder if the fact that he is facing my back makes his movements seem lighter?


babyotw - July 3

Hi macatherine, I am 32 weeks and I feel the same way. About 5 days ago my little baby was twisting and turning so much I couln't believe it. Now I am lucky if I feel a kick more than once an hour. I am also thinking that it is because of the position she is in. We probably don't feel the kicks and jabs that are directed toward our backs as much. When is your due date?


mcatherine - July 3

I'm due 9/6 - so a__suming just a week behind you?


carol23 - July 3

Same here :::raises hand:::. I'm 31 weeks and my lil guy no longer kicks...... he squirms. And I think he's laying horizontally because I don't feel much activity going on near the bottom of my abdomen. Everything goes on around my belly b___ton. And I know he's running out of room in there because like I said, all he does is squirm and he has his down days just like we do.


marranie - July 3

I googled this last night, have noticed less movement last few days at week 31, and slowing at between 28-32 is normal. Apparently it is linked to the lessening of room and also the baby going through a development stage that allows them to live outside the womb. The movements do get stronger again later in pregnancy (i can remember with previous pregnancies being able to clearly see a foot pushing up under my ribs) but are different from early movements, seem to be less 'active' but more defined.



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