Sore And Tender Abdomen Is This Normal

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Stella - January 23

I am 34 weeks and my lower abdomen on my left side gets very sore and tender to touch. It is not a constant pain it just comes and goes mainly when I am bending or moving while lying down. Has anyone else experienced a pain like this? Could it just be my ligaments stretching?


desiree - February 24

I feel your pain because it is happening to me right now, and has been for weeks. I am 37 weeks. A combination of ligaments stretching and the baby pushing and moving makes this pain. It hurts but it will be over soon, yah!!!


cameron - February 25

I am having this too at 32 weeks. Some days the muscles in my stomach burn. Mine is worse when I stand for long periods and when I bend.


Ann - March 13

I am 25 weeks. Once I tried to squeeze between two chairs and the handle hurt my abdomen. It was very extremely unusually painful as if my abdomen was very sensitive


arlette - March 24

Me too. It takes my breath away most times. Even if I lie down, but the baby moves in that area, it's so sore, even to the touch. I'm 39.5 weeks and it's been happening for about 8 weeks.



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