Supposed To Start Having Internals At 36 Weeks

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Heather W - May 1

My dr since I started seeing him at 5 1/2 months pg, has never done an internal....I cad a leak at 31 1/2 weeks and the hosp at a bigger center checked and nothing...just a REALLY soft cervix that was neither closed nor open...So I thought that they were supposed to check you starting at 36 that right?? Considering that my amniotic fluid is at 6.2cm as of Fri ...I would think that he should today at my 36week check up?


Nora1 - May 1

I'm 32 weeks now and my doc said that they will start checking me at 36 weeks.


angelbebe - May 1

Yeah, I believe they do check you at 36 weeks routinely. You could be dialating at this point. Good luck!


Ba8y6irl - May 1

I have a doc appt. tomrrow I will be 37 weeks... I think he will start my internals now... I would be surprised if he didnt...


Tess - May 1

It depends on every Dr. They don't usually start doin internals up until you hit your 38 wks mark. I had mine done last friday (im 37 wks) and I have another appt. this weds. for my 38 wks. Found out I was 1 cm dilated.


Leanne_ - May 4

My doc won't do them until 39 to 40 weeks. She says there's no point in doing them earlier because even if you're 5 cm dilated, you could still go weeks before you deliver. I guess all docs are different.


Bee99 - May 4

Im 38 weeks and my Dr doesnt/9has never done internals) with pa__sed pregnancy..Im in Aust. though and seems things are done much different down here.


SusanS - May 5

Yes, the norm is that internals begin weekly at 36 weeks. Good luck. If you are concerned, I would ask for one just to be sure.


karine - May 5

my dr. says between 36to38weeks. iam 38weeks.3days and just had mine yesterday


Ba8y6irl - May 5

my doc wont check till 39 weeks, he said it increases the possibility of infection everytime they do it so the less the better...



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