Tightening Feeling What Is It

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Bonnie - November 17

Throughout this pregnancy I have been fairly comfortable (other than my first trimester nausea). I'll be at 31 weeks tomorrow and today suddenly got very uncomfortable for me. I just wondered if anyone else experienced this as well. My stomach has suddenly gone rock hard and tight. It's not so much painful (i.e. no sharp pains) but it is certainly uncomfortable and makes it pretty difficult to move around much. To be honest, it feels like a constant braxton hick contraction that never seems to stop, get worse, or get better. It's just been a constant hardening/pressure feeling I've had all day. I've never heard anyone else describe anything like this. I haven't bothered to call the doc as it's not really painful (just annoying) and it doesn't come and go the way a contraction would. Has anyone else felt anything like this and know what it is?


kaitlin - November 18

I get that almost every evening after dinner. It is usually better after I go for a walk or do some exercise. I think it's just gas, frankly, or a full stomach taking up room.


Lory - November 18

I am 34 weeks and have exactly the same thing! I'm having a boy, and it seem like he is "bearing down" constantly. His head is really low and his b___t is right under my ribs. My stomach is always "rock hard" too. My stomach has also been a little sore from where it is so hard, and my midwife said it was just from the baby "tugging on my muscles" and everything is normal. He's just ready to come out and running out of room I think. LOL Good luck to you! I know it's uncomfortable, but hang in there!


Bonnie - November 18

Thanks guys! It's been a little easier today. I don't really know what happened yesterday. Today I have felt one BH contraction, but yesterday it was like a whole day of it with no in between times. Very strange.



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