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Jamie - December 31 5:31pm

I am 27 weeks today and woke up with belly tightness. I don't think its Braxton Hicks because it is constant. It feels like I just ate too much and my stomach is expanded as far as it can go. Has anyone felt anything similar. Is is possible that I just grew significantly since yesterday?

amber - December 31 6:57pm

its prolly braxton hicks....

t - December 31 7:38pm

you can call the ob dep. at the hositpal and they should let you talk to a nurse to make sure its no big deal or they can call your dr for you.

Sharon - January 7 2:20pm

Glad to hear someone else is going through this. I am 29 weeks and have the same symptoms. I don't think it's Braxton Hicks because it is a constant tightness and does not come and go as Braxton Hicks would. I'm not sure what it is, but it is driving me crazy due to the uncomfortableness.

tasha - February 12 10:51pm

I am 32 weeks pregnant and this exact same thing has been happening to me too. It is really tender and sore and almost feels like I have a bruise across my belly that is constantly being touched. It feels like I have no more room in there for the little one or something. It helps when I hold my stomach up and suck in, I dont know if this is good to do or not but it makes it feel better for a minute.

Vicki Nenning - July 3 2:26pm

I am 30 weeks pregnant, and the same thing is happening to me! Most of the time it lasts from morning til night - just a constant uncomfortable tightness in my entire belly. I feel like I couldn't possibly grow another inch- there is no room left. My weight gain was fine til this past week and the tightness has increased dramatically. I gained four pounds in one week???? My total weight gain up to that point was 19 pounds - Should I be worried? Am I further along than they are telling me and approaching my due date, or is this just regular pregnancy stuff?

Kate - July 3 2:52pm

Yeah same problem here! It's worse when I stand or walk about and I feel like I'm so bloated I'm going to explode!! I also feel bruised. Not nice at all. My midwife said it was braxton hicks but I think it's probably gas!!

anne - July 3 4:21pm

they are braxton hicks, perfectly normal. you will have painful ones during labour, right now its preparing

Jbear - July 3 4:26pm

I had that feeling of tightness for a couple of weeks. Last Tuesday the baby shifted to a much more comfortable position, and it has felt like I could breathe again. I think the baby was lying across my belly and that's why it felt so crowded. I've had braxton hicks since 20 weeks, and it's a different feeling from the constant, stretched to bursting feeling.

Sabrina - July 3 5:40pm

Could it be a possibility that it's gas?

To Vicki - July 4 1:58am

just a thought - sudden weight gain can be linked to preeclampsia, if you gained a lot of weight all in a week, maybe you should just ring and check with your dr?

SARAH - July 4 4:59am

I asked my doctor about the same thing! I'm 38 weeks, and have constant tightness and cramping (like right now). He said it's normal. But I don't think BHs or gas last hours. Also, I rarely feel the baby move when my belly is all tight.

MichelleB - July 4 7:10am

I was the same as JBEAR from 26-32 weeks. The baby was across my stomach, making my stomach hard and stretched with a lot of pressure. Once he moved, I felt like a million bucks!

angie - July 12 11:35pm

iam 23 weeks with twins and my stomach is tight from morning to feels bruised around my belly b___ton and it is painful not just uncomfortable.


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