Waking Up To Pee

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swiss chick - September 6

I am 37 weeks and I wake up about every 30min or so to pee, and when I do, my stomach is so tight and heavy. It's like vacuum suctioned! Is anyone else experiencing this or just me?


AmyF - September 6

I don't wake up that often, but yes, tightness and heavy. Just had my dr's appt and the baby has dropped- right onto my bladder. I Find if I don't go soon enough I have sharp pains in my bladder until I go.


Erynn21 - September 6

Yeah I have that, but I don't wake up every 1/2 an hour more like 2-3hrs. Sometimes it's hard for me to even roll out of bed because my stomach feels like a huge boulder strapped on me.


Kim L - September 6

Hi girls. swiss chick I have the same problem. I haven't been waking up that often to pee either, but whenever I do I feel tight and heavy. I have to sit there on the edge of the bed for a minute before I can actually get up. Isn't it strange all the ways the body is affected by late pregnancy??? Here's to safely early babies for us all!!! ;-)


venus_in_scorpio - September 6

yeah I have that too when I go pee it feels like the bottom half of my belly is contracted or something OWW! and i do wake up at least once a night to go and that is not like me.. usually i sleep through it until i have to go so bad it hurts.. LOL.


Kim L - September 6

venus I'm the same way! By the time I DO actually wake up to go, I've reached emergency level full-bladder status...Ha!


jenrodel - September 6

Hey Ladies! I am the same. I wake up about every 2 - 3 hours to pee, and my belly is always totally tight and contracted. Sometime after I pee and come back to bed it just gets worse and gets really crampy with lower back pain too and lasts for a good few minutes before it settles down and goes away! Don't know how I will take 4 more weeks of this haha!!


Smilefull - September 6

my doc told me if you have a full/overfull bladder it will stimulate the uterus to contract...i have to say that swiss chick it sounds to me like you're having contractions every 30 min throughout the night! but my experience is more like jenrodel..(;


swiss chick - September 6

Hey guys, ok ok maybe i am exagerating a bit. It's probably every couple hours that i wake up but it just feels like every 30 min! And my bladder is completely full! I can honestly say that i probably get up about 5 times during the night. Also, when i get up to go to the bathroom I'm soooooo thirsty! Is that just me or are u guys having that too? I wake up in the morning and chug a gigantic gla__s of juice.


sfrias - September 6

Swiss chick,
Same happening here. My problem is that I am very swollen (due to water retention) and maybe that's the reason why I get so frustrated when only few drops come out of my bladder. Every tiem that I go to the doctor I drink three gla__ses of water before leaving home in order to get enough urine for the exam. I am so tired!!!!!!


Smilefull - September 6

thirst and frequent bathroom trips is a possible sign of gestational diabetes--perhaps discuss these symptoms with your doc---the quicker they catch it the easier it's on you and the babe.


AmyF - September 6

Also you should go to the Dr- you could be exp a bladder infection.


Erynn21 - September 6

I always am thirsty, but no GD. I just am a water junkie, I go to bed with a mason jar of water to drink throuhgout the night. I read that your amniotic fluid changes every 3 hrs. so I guess my baby is always in clean fluid. I don't have any bladder issues either, except I have to pee all the time. I guess if you look at your fluid changing every few hours, it's a good thing to have to pee all the time, it's keeping our babies in a healthy clean environment. Although I really am getting tired of the view in my bathroom.


jenrodel - September 6

I drink a ton too, and no GD. I drink water all through the day, and get especially thirsty at night before I go to bed (which doesn't help with the trips to the bathroom haha!) I too keep a bottle of water by the bed and have a drink each time I wake up to pee.


carol23 - September 6

Does anyone else have trouble with the first few steps you take once you get out of your bed to go pee? I have to hold onto something because I'm afraid my legs will give out. It's like a cramp where my leg meets my torso. SOOOO painful. And I too drink lots of water. That's actually all I drink (and an occasional gla__s of juice here and there), so I pee A LOT! about 6-7 times a night.


Smilefull - September 6

yeah carol! Everytime I get out of bed, I'm like WHOA, somethings wrong--and then after a few steps things feel "normal" again. the way I make sense of it is that my pelvis "compresses" onto itself when I lay on my side, and when I get up it has to kind of fold out again--but whatever it is, it's owie!


swiss chick - September 7

Ok guys. I counted last night, and i woke up 8 times to pee! 8 times! That's so crazy. And i don't have GD or bladder infection. The baby is just sitting so low, i think she is just hanging out on my bladder. And every time i get up to pee, when i come back to bed I change the side I'm laying on. By the morning, my hips are sooo sore. I'm really tired this morning too. I think I actually spent more time in the bathroom than in bed last night! :)



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