When To Schedule Hospital Tour

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Tink - August 6

we aren't doing a class at the hospital. when should we plan to schedule our tour though?


JessC531 - August 6

I'd say as soon as possible. Just because you never know when you'll go into labor. We did our tour when I was about 34 or 35 weeks I think. Something like that. Plus, the sooner you do it, the less uncomfortable you'll be walking around the hospital for an hour. :)


socalmom - August 6

I'm having a c-section, so I didn't need birthing cla__ses, but I did do a hospital tour I was 31 weeks, sometimes they fill up fast so I would do one as soon as you can get in.


Tink - August 6

thanks, i am just now in the third tri this week- 27w, so i still have plenty of time, but i will go ahead and get it scheduled. thanks,


tonia - August 6

I am going to take a birthing cla__s at the hospital and the tour is included in the cla__s, apparently it is alot more in depth when you are in the cla__s, so I am grateful for that. I want DH to see everything! : () I do not want any surprises!! Good luck to you!


qdogs_navywife3 - August 6

The hospital I will deliver at says you cant schedule your tour until 2 months before your due date. Then when I called them when I was finally at that point they were all booked up on tours until after my delivery date so they told me I was pretty much out of luck.


heather28 - August 6

Don't you love that. They told me I couldn't schedule my b___stfeeding cla__s until I was at least 28 weeks, but now the only cla__s available is a week and a half before my due date. There's a good chance I won't even get to go. So I guess I'll be winging it. My first came 6 weeks early.


heather28 - August 6

I forgot to say my OB tour is scheduled for Sept 6th and I'm due Oct 2nd.



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