Who Sits With Their Legs Super Far Apart

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krc - June 26

I am 35 weeks tomarrow. I used to hate going to the bathroom recently cuz it seemed like I had a bowling ball in my lap getting in the way along with it just feeling awkward. It never dawned on me to sit in the straddle position !!!! Now , even when sitting in a chair you'd think im a gymnyst or sitting " horseback " ! LOL I find it sooo comfortable to sit this way. Im not even that big ! Im 5-7 and slender so I look like I swallowed a basketball but I love sitting like a dude !!!! Anyone else sitting or laying in funny ways to ease their discomfort?


Deb - June 26

Yep, legs wide open feels the most comfy for me too. I'm almost 38 weeks, and there aren't a lot of positions that feel comfortable at this point anymore.


Lashunda - June 26

I sit with my legs apart. My hubby says that I sit like a guy but its comfortable for me so you're not alone : )


Been There - June 26

I was already sitting here at the computer with my legs spread wide toward the front of the chair, when I read this post. Right now, it's comfortable. I really don't care how it looks.


ARD - June 26

Yep, my dh thinks its hilarious!!


Tjane - June 27

I can so relate, my grandmother took a picture of me sitting with my legs opened and the first thing i thought when i saw it was "I look like I am trying to give birth already!" It looks horrible but I cant sit any other way, I was already a big girl and I have gained 83 lbs, so my belly is huge, and when i sit there is no where for it to go so I dont have a choice.....


Chrissythefairy - June 27

i just started doing that lol! its comfortable especially when i eat.


fefer1 - June 27

All my weight is in the belly so it's kind of in the way. I sit spread eagle as much as possible and even get up that way. It's easier on the back. My husband thinks it's hilarious. I wonder what he'd think if HE was carrying around a basketball on his belly. :)



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