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lsarn - September 19 8:51am

I can understand you have an addiction,but for your baby's sake-get some help. I also work at a hospital Nicu, where drug use is rampant with pregnant mothers. Spend one day in Nicu, and watch these babies withdraw-It's very sad. Your healthcare provider WILL test you for drugs,so do seek help. Their are so many programs out there for addiction. I'm not here to judge, but encourage you to do the best thing for yourself, and your unborn child. The sooner the better. Good Luck in kicking your addiction-I know it's difficult, but be strong.

GramaBluEyes - January 6 12:38pm

I am a Grama of a 31 yr old daughter who is pregnant for the first time and is using meth. This has got me so mad I can hardly stand it. Knowing she will lose this baby to CPS she could care less I guess. Drugs where more important to know you have a life inside you and not even care is beyond me. From what I have read on this big big problem they test the Babies stool for the use that shows up the whole nine months of abuse. The blood only shows up for the last few days. She has been so selfish I am not sure what will happen to the child hopefully it will go to a family memember I would not trust her to raise a child at the moment she has wished she could get help for her addiction, but has not personally seeked help. I am willing to take the baby or her younger sister is also. I am not sure how the state of Calif.handles it. She has really choose bad decessions in her life but think this one is the worst. God Bless you life and baby you choose the way it will turn out... get help now

imnotready - November 10 4:27pm

I am 33 weeks and i used meth yesterday nov. 9 2011. i feel horrible for what i may have done to my unborn baby. im so scared that my baby will be taken away.l will the doctors be able to tell that i have used meth when i have my baby?


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