2 Year Old Caught Rocking

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surewinwilliams - January 18

Hey there...I just peaked in on my 26 mo old because she was kind of talking during nap time. she didn't hear me open the door so I just watched her for a minute. She was sitting in the bottom corner of her bed with her binki and her blankie, and rhythmically rocking. She was kind of in a trance, and speaking random words. She is a very bright kid. She has the vocab of a 3 year old, speaks in full sentences, and tells long stories. Ahead in all milestones, and potty trained. I was very concerned to see this behavior at this age. Does anyone have advice or similar stories?


sphinx - January 18

One of my twins also does the same rocking. I'm not sure why she does it. I can only figure that it is fun or a comfort thing. She sleeps in a play n pack and when she rocks back, the mesh netting kinda bounces her back. I think its just fun. She is 15 months old and has been doing it since she could sit up. The other twin has never done it to my knowledge.


olivia - January 18

My one year old does it as well. He sits in his crib sucking his thumb and rocks. I was not aware of it until we had to share a room with him at my parents. He actually did it for over an hour and I was pretty freaked out. But he seems to be developing normally so I can only a__sume it is some sort of comforting thing. It is always on the back of my mind as being odd and I do think about it. Sorry I have no advise, but I think (hope) it is just a normal comforting technique!


surewinwilliams - January 19

thanks guys. Im just a worrier i guess!


iona - January 19

OVER REACTIVE my dear. I must say gee wiz. You are describing a child prodigy. Your child is in the 1st percentile for everything you mentioned. So she had an "infant" moment doing what a normal child would do.....dont worry!


surewinwilliams - January 19

I am not sure if that was very nicly put. If you are a mother, then you know that the love you have for your child is endless. I wasn't worried that she had an "infant moment" ,as you so bluntly put it, because I want her to be a child prodigy. I am worried because I have a close friend who has a phd focused in autism. She has seen cases of toddlers who are fine one day, then severly autistic the next. From walking and talking, to rocking and ticking in the corner. I am sorry MY DEAR if you misunderstood my motherly intuition and concern as over reactive. Beleive you me, my dauhter could be in any percentile, and I would have had the same reaction.


mjvdec01 - January 19

iona, you were totally rude. You took things out of context and portayed yourself very badly.


sphinx - January 19

ditto... I found it worrisome, too and my daughter is only 15 months. I don't know why you would want to belittle someone who is looking for help. I found your post a bit offensive.



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