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lin7604 - April 13

We love camping and have a pop up trailer, last year we never went camping at all b/c i didn't want to wake the whole camp ground up when my son woke up at night. Or fumble trying to get bottles at 2am! He was still waking at night till 6 months and it wasn't really good until 8 months or so. SO we avoided it all together. This year we are Def going to try it, but how do you get you toddler to sleep when it is still bright outside??? We are going to have to set up his play pen over top of where the table would be into a bed and just leave it flat for a bed and place it ontop of that.( if you get what i mean)..... BUt still i am worried about the noise from outside and us waking him up as canvas it thin and people can be loud ina camp ground. Also walking into the trailer at night, when his bed will be right besdie the door!!!! How do people do it!!!!! maybe i worry to much about little things but either way we will try it atleast once this year and hope for the best buti thought it would be nice to hear what others experience. ( we can let him stay up no more then 1 hr after bedtime as when he gets OT he wakes VERY early!! )


in the woods - April 13

We' camped a couple of times in a tent with a baby/toddler -- the lessons were - yes, we do worry too much beforehand, the kids do adapt to circ_mstances easier than we think! We camped in a tent (not trailer or RV), the first time with one baby (dd was 12 mo old), and the other time with 2 kids (ds 6 mo old, dd 2yo). The first time (with one baby) it was pouring rain, dark and we were setting the tent, running with mats/blankets to and from the car. Dd was wailing in the dark in the tent, scared, until we settled down and turned the light up. Once she saw that we were with her, she calmed down, and even had fun in the dark, rolling from one parent to the other (we didn't have a playpen, I think she'd have been more scared in a new place had she not be able to touch/feel me - and she finally fell asleep under my arm.) For the milk, I just had to fill her bottle from the milk carton - she took it, I guess she figured everything was unusual that day. We had a lovely sunny morning with her running in the puddles. The second time, there were concerns about a 6-mo old baby and people camping nearby - but even our 6 mo old was happily crawling inside the tent, enjoying "the new game". By the time we settled down, it was the end of the twilight, and darker in the tent, so everyone was really ready to sleep. Ds slept with me, nursed when needed, our morning was early but we didn't disturb people much. Everything will be OK, just go with the flow!


bean - April 14

We're also tent campers, not RV or trailer. We took our baby girl for the first time when she was 3 months old, and then went several times last year (4 or 5) when she was a year to 16 months old. I've never worried about her sleeping. Keep bedtime as always and follow the usual routine - milk, potty, teeth, books, whatever you do. Then just put baby down in sleeping bag (which is what we used) and that's it. Trust me, the fresh air, excitement, running around, etc will tire them out so much they'll be begging for bedtime. I never worried about other people, but we never had much of a crier. I nursed for a year and after that she was pretty much sleeping through the night. The toughest parts for us were the mosquitoes (and not using to much bug spray on baby) and the toilet (she was toilet trained at 14 months. But otherwise it was amazing. Can't wait to go again!


lin7604 - April 14

holy c___p she was potty trained already!!!! WOW!!! My bot will probally be 3 by that happens, lol... he is very stubborn and doesn't care if he sit in a pooy diaper all day! He never gives us any signs and half the time we don't know he pooped ( no grunting or anything) unless we smell it! Well both of you rea__sured me and i hope for the best. I know i was so worried this year about our holiday in mexicoa nd it went 100% better then i could of ever imagined but we were in a hotel room that was quiet. so i hope that noises don't wake him up or us closing the door that will beside his head!


newbabyras - April 28

Lin - we have a pop up too, and took ds 4 times last year, starting when he was 2.5 months. we put the playnpac in the same place - where the table would go. our dining room pops out too, so it's an awesome little "room" for him. I did get a mosquito net that goes over his area, which helps ME sleep through the night. He's a good sleeper, and we never had problems, like bean said - just keep the routine the same. And if you guys have already been to mexico - - the hotel rooms are WAY harder for us because we can't leave the room for him to fall asleep. DON'T forget your monitor - it's been a life saver. we have one that will go 800 feet, so we can take it outside with us at the campfire while he's falling asleep. Even getting in and out of the trailer, we turned lights on and he never woke up. They're way more resilient than we give them credit for. Enjoy making memories!!!


lin7604 - April 28

thanks so much for your response. i know what you mean about hotel rooms, etc but my only concern was canvas is so thin that our noise outside all night will wake him, he's always been a light sleeper. The camp grounds we have here the sites arn't that big and you arn't far away from your camper or the fire pit, and pinic tables, etc sometimes even your neighbor. some sites depending on where you are are not very sheltered, very open. so that is what made me think . i know a crackling fire won't wake him but if we have company with us, the talking, laughter especially after the guys have had a few drinks we all know drunks get louder, if it was a hard shell i would never even worry but maybe i am just worrying for nothing. Thanks for the idea to get a mozzie net for over his play pen, i never even thought of that!!! thanks.....



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