How To Get Them To Like Brushing Their Teeth

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lin7604 - March 25

my ds is 17 months now and he freaks when we need to bruch his teeth. In the beginning he loved it and opend his mouth wide for us, then once he discovered he could do it himself, he won't let us at all brush his teeth anymore! When he does it though, it not proper, he just chews on it. If i try to help he freaks, arches his back and crys hysterical. IF i try to do it when he is laying down he squirm to no end and cries, then he starts to twist and turn to get up. how can i get his teeth clean???? HELP!


Whitney - March 25

Has he seen you brush your teeth at all? My little guy (2 1/2) used to chew his toothbrush all the time too, but then I made him watch me & my husband do it every day & he tried to copy us. He also goes to daycare & they make all the kids brush after they eat & once he started seeing the other kids brush properly he wanted to do what they do. I also bought him a Thomas the train t-brush & t-paste so he gets all excited to "brush with Thomas" he calls it.


lin7604 - March 25

he loves tooth paste and maybe once in awhile might let me get 3 strokes in but then grabs it back. He watches us brush all the time, actually he freaks when we brush as he wants us to brush his too as he love the mint flavor. BUT i also read it's not good to share a tooth brush, so never let someone else use yours. SO then he wants his but only for him to do it. i noticed a bit of plaque on one of his bottom tooths and that has got me worried too as the only way is to pin him down and then i don't want to tramatize him and have him not to want to brush at all....


bean - March 25

This isn't a toothbrush struggle, it's a power struggle over "mine" and "I can do it myself." He needs to start learning to take turns and share. When you play with toys, do you say "Mom's turn" and play for a min, then give the toy to him and say "DS turn", etc? Same goes for everything like getting dressed (mom zips up coat part way and ds finishes with "mom's turn, ds turn" said out loud), using a spoon, sharing an ice cream, etc. You then carry the "my turn your turn" over to things like the playground and who's turn it is going down the slide. (AFTER the little boy, it'll be YOUR turn) And of course do the same thing with the toothbrush - mom's turn to brush ds' teeth, then ds' turn to brush his teeth. If mom doesn't get a turn, ds doesn't get a turn either. The toothbrush goes away just like a toy or something else would go away. Don't let it turn into a power struggle because you'll lose. Don't get emotional or he'll know he can win. Just confidently say, no, now it's mommy's turn, you can have your turn right after mommy's done. Good luck!


lin7604 - March 25

thanks, i don't know if it is a power struggle as he takes turns very well with everything! but i think it's a independance thing, i can do it all by myself. i have taken it away when he won't let me but then he didn't get his teeth brushed all week!!! so that isn't good either.



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