No Improvements With Eating Habits Help

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lin7604 - August 13

Ok, i am getting very frustrated with my ds, he is 21.5 months now and hasn't tried one new food item since 14 months!!! I try and try and i have been to the point that this is what i am offereing him and that's it till the next meal! Well that has made absolutely no change at all, he just chooses not to eat! he looks at it and says "yuck" and "nah nah". when is he finally going to eat something new! he still won't touch cheese of any kind, pasta, meat, veggies! I just can't figure out how to get him to eat them..... i have tried hiding it but he tastes it and then refuses to eat it, the only thing that is successful is muffins, i will make carrot, banana and zuccihini. He used ot eat everything under the sun that was put in front of him and everyone kept telling me to keep introducing it as it's a phase! well it's almost 8 months later and still won't eat hardly anything....... any suggestions.....


kimberly - August 13

Oh I had this same problem with my second son and still do. He won't eat eggs, bread ( of any kind, not even on a sandwich) Pancakes, waffles, very few veggies, no fruit except bananas. He only likes chicken or ham. He is very picky and somedays he has cereal for breakfast, lunch, and He is 5 years old now and still won't try anything new. He eats like a bird, a little here and a little there. I wish I had some advice for you but I don't except keep offering it and maybe someday he will like it. When my ds was 2 I took him in for a check up and stated to the Dr. I was very concerned about what he is getting and he told me if you offer 3 square meals a day he will not starve. He said his body will make sure he gets enough to eat. I later had a new pedi suggest that we try to get him to drink Ensure everyday and he likes it and it is packed with nutrients and vitamins that he may not get from food. I still give him one a day, just to make me feel better.


^lucy^ - August 13

my dd is almost 27 months old and is not a picky eater thank God...but she will have her for example she only ate plain yogurt and a tiny piece of bread...and has some potato which i made for dinner.. but she loves cheese slices, eggs (i do scrambled eggs with some milk, a tiny piece of b___ter and a portion of cheese and let them mix together), pasta of any kind but it has to be plain not even cheese on top!!, any type of soup, tomatoes, banana, apples, and of course candy :p u might want to bribe him,,i know its not the best way...but i honestly use it sometimes when she refuses to telling her she will get a gummy bear if she finishes her plate,,or i will play with her building blocks if she eats up everything...90% it works :) GL


lin7604 - August 13

ahhh i will try that, ensure. never thought of that. I did have his blood tested awhile back and never heard anything about it? she said about 6 weeks to get results, i thought that was really long.... but it's been over that now and no call or anything, so i guess his b vitamins and iron was fine... He loves breakfast too, cereal, toast, pancakes, french toast. the rest is a mystery!!! I guess maybe it's something he won't out grow anytime soon but i have to keep asking myself why the severe change, when he used to eat everything insight! chili, tacos, you name it! today he has had a piece of taost for breakfast 3 gla__ses of milk in the morning and then a nutra grain bar at snack time. I made him a jam sandwich for lunch with 2 carrot sticks and he woudn't touch either of them. so i said nothing till dinner time! the thing that worries me is what am i going to pack him for lunch at daycare when he starts on sept 2nd? the only 2 sandwiches he will eat are nutella and peanut b___ter and jam, and with centers being nut free now, what will he eat! yougart, lol.....


lin7604 - August 13

yes i have tried the bribe him, sometimes it has worked but not always, sometimes it's a huge fit instead! Can't do that when we are out of the either, lol..... Today i made zucchinni loaf which he loves and i told him only after he has a bite of his sandwich i made him at lunch. He threw a fit, went to the kitchen picked it up and then put it back, he did that about 3 times. I would say : "then no bread". he would throw another fit. finally after 30 min he went in and started to eat his jam sandwich but he was sneeky about it as he went all the way around the sandwich adn ate the crust! of course not the middle where the jam was!!! LOL too smart. so he did have some as i always tell him all i need is one bite, so i gave him some loaf and he was SO HAPPY!!!! SO i know thatis more possible with sandwiches as there is bread on it which he loves but no sucess with pasta, etc. he will just not eat and throwtemper tantruns b/c he's not getting his " yummy".....



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