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red87 - December 28

Okay ladies, I seem to be having quite a few questions lately but anyhoo... I'm having issues with my 5 month old daughter sleeping...Ever since she was born I have swaddled her at night - well, she grew out of the regular sixed recieving blankets and I was lucky enough to find bigger ones and she has never had an issue. When I lay her down for bed I usually nurse her to sleep (now thinking that is not a good idea but that's what she is used to now) and she is fine until around 4 am when I feed her and then back to bed until 7 (she usually wakes one more time between 4 and 7). But lately she has been fighting the swaddle once I get her situated and nursing her - I don't think she wants to be swaddled anymore but then when I don't swaddle her she doesn't sleep very well (waking about every 2 hours!) sooo...Should I keep her unswaddled altoghether and suck it up? Or should I maybe swaddle her when she wakes during the night? Which is kind of what I've been doing...swaddling her when she wakes up because then she is half asleep and does't fight it.... She is way harder to get to sleep unswaddled. I kind of want her to stop being swaddled anyway. So I guess what I'm asking is, are there anything I could try to make this a bit easier? Keep in mind I let her sleep in my bed aswell. She has always slept with me. I didn't realize I was forming all these habits but I'm also having trouble with her naps...I have been holding her during her naps - not thinking it was a bug deal until I try to put her down! LOL, she HATES her crib for naps but I'm working on that. I just need help with the night time thing...


red87 - December 28

Also people keep telling me to let her cry it out but I just can't seem to do it, I've tried twice and both times only lasted 5-10 mins MAX! I get all scared because I've read stuff on the internet saying how bad it is for them as babies to be left crying. I would LOVE to be able to just feed her at bedtime, lay her down, give her her pacifier and walk out but lately I have had to just go to sleep with her!!


mjvdec01 - December 29

I feel for you. Our son will be 6 months on the 17th of January, and is sleeping 12 hours solid each night, with two 1.5-3 hour naps each day. We never had either of our kids in our bed, nor did we swaddle past 6 weeks. We had our daughter sleeping in her crib in her own room at 10 weeks and our son at 6 weeks. That said, I am afraid you have created this situation yourself. It is hard to separate yourself as a mother from your baby when they are so little and let them try to soothe themselves, but you have to. You need to ease her out of these habbits. I have a few suggestions. First, if you aren't already doing so, let her play on the floor and actually fall asleep there for a nap without picking her up. Give her a binky when she gets fussy and let her be. If you have a swing use that if you need to. Don't hold her while she is sleeping. I would also stop swaddling her, she is a bit old for that. I don't agree with the cry it out method until they reach about a year old, and even then I don't let it go more than 10 minutes without going in. Anyway, instead of swaddling, get a sleep positioner. You will notice that she is too long for it, however, if you take a receiving blanket or two, fold them in to quarters and put them at the end of the sleep positoner, they act as an extension and then her legs won't dangle off the positioner. The point to this is to give her the snug feeling without the swaddle. Once she is used to this, take the positioner away. Oh, and she should be sleeping in her own room for all of this- naps can be anywhere in the house, not necessarily in her crib. You are starting from scratch with her, so you will be making numerous trips to put the binky back in her mouth. For us, sometimes we put Nathaniel down awake, and sometimes we feed him to sleep. It just depends on how tired he is. We also have him on a schedule. This schedule should work for any baby. For example, Nate gets up about 7am, eats and right back to bed for a morning nap which lasts anywhere from an hour to three hours. 10am he eats, 1pm he eats, then naps until about 4pm, 7pm he eats and then goes right to bed. We make sure he is awake for about 3 hours before bedtime, otherwise he will not be tired enough for bed. Do you have a schedule like this for your daughter. This is the same schedule we used for your daughter who will be three in February and she still has great sleep habits. Does any of this help?


red87 - December 29

Well, she slept unswaddled last night (not very well but unswaddles none the less) Thank you mjvdec, you did help! She has NEVER just fallen asleep on the floor so I put her swing in our bedroom today and around her nap time put her in there with her pacifier when she didn't fall asleep I took her out played with her for about an hour then put her back in there (she was sooo tired) and now (after multiple trips to the bedroom to give her back her pacifier) she's asleep!! She put herself to sleep without me nursing her or holding her! I'm really happy about that! I think what I'm going to do is let her get used to sleeping in the bedroom, then move her to the crib - after she is used to the crib for naps, I will put her in there at bedtime! Might take a while but it will be worth it. I'm b___stfeeding so I kind of like her sleeping in bed with me so I can easily feed her through the night but I think that is why she is waking so frequently - because she knows im right there if she wants anything. So I will be putting her in her crib soon - as soon as she gets used to the crib at nap time :)


red87 - December 29

Brooke's schedule was : wake anywhere from 6am-8am eat, nap around 10-12 wake around 1-2 then up until about 5 and I had always kept her up from 6-8:30 when I bathed her and put her to bed but I think I'm going to change that to 5:30 so she is nice and tired at bedtime. Also, this may change for a few days until I get her used to putting herself to sleep


red87 - December 29, Brooke only slept for about 15-20 minutes each time I put her down for a nap today when finally I let her sleep for 2 hours in my arms so that she would stay awake from 5:50-bedtime. I'm going to keep trying though...


mjvdec01 - December 30

I don't know how you can hold her while she sleeps like that. I have so much to do and a toddler who needs my attention too. Just keep at it. Good luck.



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