Two Year Old Ate A Half Tube Of Lipstick

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carol23 - September 23

My two year old got into my make-up drawer in my bathroom and grabbed one of my lipsticks. I didn't even realize that he had it until he was being awfully quiet. I went into his room and he was sitting on the floor eating it (not to mention he got it all over his face, legs, and arms.) Should I be worried about the chemicals and get him checked out? Anyone have experience with this?


carol23 - September 23

Oh, and I had a guest over this afternoon who used the restroom and did not close the door behind her. I always have my bathroom door closed to avoid things like this.


eclipse - September 23

LOL!!! Something my son would do!!! I think he should be fine, lipstick is mostly wax and he probably ate less than it looked. Just watch him, and expect some festive poops in the days to come! haha! :D


carol23 - September 23

Thank you! lol. Yes, the festive poop. He ate a green crayon once and well..... you know the rest. When I turned the tube of lipstick all the way up, it had a hole in the middle caused by a tiny finger. Let me just say that this was one of my fav. lipsticks in a discontinued color. lol.


Krissy25 - September 23

Oh the things our kids put in their mouths. When i saw your post i just had to laugh. My dd was outside the other day and managed to eat a little bit of a mushroom growing in our yard. I figured she would be fine but my dh was freaking out about it so we ended up taking her to the ER to be safe. We brought the mushroom in question with us and it turned out to be non-posionious and she was just fine. What a wonderful way to spend our saturday afternoon. I'm sure your son will be alright, i mean you put lipstick on the lips, it can't be that bad.


^lucy^ - September 29

lol carol i had to laugh cz ur son is so cute :) naughty cute hehe... thanks God dd doesnt eat things but she loves putting my lipstick on her lips and eventually licks them off, so it should be fine i guess :)


venus_in_scorpio - October 8

oh lord... believe me he's gonna eat worse things than that. my rule of thumb with dd (23 months) is double check with poison control (1-800-222-1222) not that ive memorized it or anything! haha. you'd be surprised at how many seemingly toxic things are pretty benign, lipstick being one, crayons, candles, magic markers, baby soap, i think we've also done deodorant, shaving cream... i dont even know how kids get into this stuff seriously i watch my dd like a hawk and it only takes a second!!!!!!!!!!


venus_in_scorpio - October 8

haha like the other moms said expect him to poo in technicolor... dd ate a pink candle one time and i freaked tinking there was blood in her poo... nope.... it was wax :)



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