When Will They Know The Difference

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jenna32 - March 24

when does everyone think a toddler starts really caring what they get for like easter or christmas's etc.? i am just asking because my stroller broke and for easter i wanted to get a new one,but i'm not sure if my 16 month old will be dissapointed or know the difference ,lol. She actually hates strollers a lot of the time and would rather walk but i am mostly getting one because i really need the exercise. I know i am kind of selfish but new strollers seem to be rather expensive. or maybe i will also get her a toy, i haven't really decided yet. i also already got some outfits and stuff.


DDT - March 24

Goodness, I won't be getting my lo's Easter gifts. Since when was this neccasary or even the norm? am I out of the loop? as a kid I never got gifts at Easter...chocolate bunnies yes, but not toys. As for Xmas gifts I think they really start getting into the notion from 3 year old. I have a 2 year old and for this past Xmas he was excited to get new things but wouldn't have known the difference if he didn't get anything. The holidays are marketed so much. It's all about money, money, money and frankly in these times we shouldn't try to go overboard. IMO if you want the stroller just get it for yourself. Why do you need an excuse, like Easter, to get it. Also, if you need exercise why not sign up at a local gym or community centre?


jenna32 - March 24

Well my parents used to just get us a little gift like 20-30 dollarsish and then chocolate bunny stuff and maybe a stuffed bunny. I know i would be going a little overboard. i just thought it would kill two birds with one stone. I was going to get it anyways, i just thought that way i wouldn't have to get a toy or something as well and spend more money. I like to exercise in the outdoors rather then indoors,i don't know it is hard to explain. if i am on a treadmill i would get really bored probably, plus then you have to get sitters. The sun also makes me happier so sun plus exercise=happy me. Also because I am too cheap to get a membership and everything. The stroller is only about 130$ surprisingly,all the ones i look at are like 200,crazy. I am thinking about going to a used place to take a look first.I try not to go overboard but i don't buy her much throughout the year and around holiday times i can't help but want to spoil her. Really even at 2 they don't care much? That would have been my guess is when they start to.


jenna32 - March 24

You got me thinking ddt,maybe you are right.Thank you soo much. i like to save so much a year anyway and wait until juneish to see whats happening and then make bigger purchases anyway. By then maybe it will go on sale anyways. Now i don't want to get it i just feel like i need to though. i still haven't lost all my pregnancy weight and i just feel like yuk and that i will never lose it and since easter was coming i was just like well "why the hell not?". For now maybe i will go jog and get a sitter like once a week. dd does fall asleep in the stroller sometimes,which was one plus,she'd just get real fussy sometimes. Maybe because i used the baby slings and carriers as well. I'll just give her what i got her plus some easter snacks and maybe a stuff bunny.


tish212 - March 24

This year my daughter will be 16 months we are giving her some books, 2 small little easter stuffed animals and 3 lollipops (she loves lollipops) in her basket. I don't think that she will understand why she is getting these things, but better sooner than later to begin. I won't be doing any large amounts of candy until she is much older, but like my parents did for easter I will buy her some sort of other gift. Nothing too big, but a gift nontheless, since her bday isn't until december. This christmas and bday she will be two so I am hoping she soon realizes something is up on those days, since last year it didn't make a bit of difference to her lol...



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