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CuteHoney1210 - July 21

Hey mommies-to-be! This is my first time on here.. Ive never done a pregnancy forum before so I'm very new to all of this.. I'm looking to chat, make new friends, share ideas, and stories!!
Here's mine!
I tired the baby gender predictor test earlier this morning.

LOOK UP: Gender Test (Red Cabbage, Ring On Necklace) Twins??
On YouTube Posted by CuteHoney1210
That's my video
I actually went to the doc just a little bit ago and had an U/S done. I an 5 wks along, and it only showed ONE sac. Is it possible that a second sac may be hard to detect until the next U/S in two more weeks?

Let me know your input pretty please!!
Have any of you heard of these tests before? TRIED THEM? What was YOUR outcome?



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