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jenn95 - January 10 1:25pm

hi guys. i am posting this here instead of in "discomfort" because i think that my backache is probably worse because of the twins. i am 31 weeks now and for the past 2 days my backache has been excrutiating. throughout the pregnancy i had backaches, but this is nothing like i ever had before. yesterday i had it for a few hours and took a hot shower, a tylenol and went to sleep. and even during the night i was tossing and turning from the pain. this morning it was better but here we go again! sometimes it goes along with light contractions(bh i guess) and some baby movement. anyone have any ideas? if again tomorrow morning it doesn't go away i think i'll go to my regular dr, not my gyn. last night i noticed it was worse when i was sleeping on my left side,which is usually the most comfortable way to sleep. help!

Phoenix1 - January 10 3:23pm

Jenn95, let me know what the doc says, just remember that most real contractions start in the lower back and go around to the front. Back labor is also a possibliltiy. I would consult your OB doc.

emunah - January 10 4:12pm

Jenn, are your babies breeched or transverse, because if they are both transverse, my doctor told me that this is the most uncomfortable position for mom.

jenn95 - January 11 1:48am

i'm not going to go tho the dr today because at the moment i'm feeling better. we'll see how things go. sorry emunah, i'm dumb, i don't know what transverse means. one baby is with b___t down and one is lying across. is that transverse? if it is then i guess your dr is right! hurts like a *#%!

emunah - January 11 7:41am

You are not dumb jenn, I also didn't know what they meant until I looked them up online! My babies are in EXACTLY the same position as yours. Baby a is breech - which means b___t down (or it could also mean feet down), and baby B is transverse, which means lying accross. I actually have more pain on my pubic bone area, I feel like someone smashed it with a baseball bat (sorry for the graphic comparison) but that's how it feels! We just have to hang in there. BTW, which part of Israel do you live in? I have tons of family there, including my parents and 2 brothers.

jenn95 - January 11 1:30pm

i live in kfar saba ,if that means anything to you (most people don't know where that is). where is your family? do you ever visit? well, i don't suppose you will now, with twins on the way! where do you live now? my back is feeling ok at the moment, how are you feeling?

emunah - January 11 2:10pm

You're right Jenn, I do not know where Kfar Saba is, although I have heard of it. My parents and 1 brother live in Beitar Illit, my other brother lives in Jerusaem, as for the extended relatives, they live all over from north to south. I actually was just in Israel with my sister about 7 weeks ago (doctor gave me the ok to go). We went as a surprise for my mom for her birthday, and it was fantastic! I love Israel. I am feeling ok I guess, will post further as time goes on.


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