Can A Male Determine Twins

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betama77 - May 17

Can Twins be passed down thru the male or is it only thru females?


Lcoots - May 17

It can only be pa__sed through the females family. Your dad could give you the genes for twins, but your dh wouldn't have anything to do with it...hope that answers your question.


snugglybugglys - May 18



twins4us - May 19

yes if the twins are identical. There is some research out there that determined that some men have an enzyme that causes the egg to split. BUT...this alone won't give you twins as your egg must be condusive to the split. As far as frat twins...the soon to be father can pa__s the gene to your dd but not cause you to have twins./


mrssolo - May 20

I'm 9 weeks along with twins. There have never been twins on my side of the family, but my husband is a twin and he has twin sisters also. There are many other twins on his side. so if you ask me this is all his doing, lol


jenna32 - May 22

haha, i was going to just ask the same question! i heard somewhere it only mattered on the female side but i don't know. He said twins run in his family! and on my moms side i think there was a set to!A psychic told his mom that he'd have 2 twins (girls). i'm so curious whether it will be or not! can't wait for a ultrasound.


momoftriplets - May 31

I'm new here and just wanted to say I had triplets naturally and there are no multiples on my side or the fathers side the doc told me it as to sttart somewhere and it did with



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