Can I Start Clomid Without Having My Period

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Shelley50707 - February 26

I was just wondering if I can start my clomid without having my period. I know forsure that i am not pregnant and I am on day 32 and still no period. The nurse says it is okay to go ahead and start the clomid but I just wasn't for sure if that is wise. I have very irregular periods and the last three months had two periods a month and now on Day 32 and nothing. Kinda nice but not what I'm wanting right now. Thanks for any advise


lindsie - March 1

I have used Clomid without a period before. The first time I used Clomid the dr. gave me Provera to induce a period. We conceived our twins that cycle! A few years later I went back to Clomid (different dr.). He said to wait for my next period to start the Clomid. For me that could be months since I am so irregular. I couldn't wait, so I went ahead and started the Clomid w/o a period. I knew for sure I wasn't pregnant and was on day 50 or something like that. It worked just fine. I O'd about a week after the last pill. I didn't get pregnant that cycle, not until 3 cycles later. Hope this all helps!


Shelley50707 - March 1

Thanks Lindsie for the insight. I was just wondering what does did you take and what days cause I really would only like to have one little bundle and not more if at all possible.


lindsie - March 2

The first time I used 100mg on days 5-9. Now that we're trying for #3 (not 3 and 4) I went to 50mg. I got pregnant after 3 cycles at that dose, but lost it early on, so I'm not sure if it was twins or just one.


vistagirl81 - March 19

i am so happy you posted this... my dr. gave me 100 mg of clomid i have not had my pd in over 3 mo and i was not sure if it was possible to ovulate and get preg without having ur pd first .. thank you so much i feel so much better now.


CLOMID USER - August 29



mariapaniagua - July 27

I know all of the above has been posted alooooooooooooooong time ago but can i actually take prevera and clomid at the same time?


prayingforababy01 - September 4

I don't think so thats why they tell us to take one then the other,


TryingtoCONCEIVE - April 3

I know that its been awhile sense this post but I was wondering if you have to eat before you have to take a pill.



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