Clomid Success Stories Taken On 3 7 Of Cycle

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Mandi24 - April 20

Hey everyone.. I was wanting to hear from everyone who has became pregnant from taking clomid days
3-7. What was your dosage. 50 or higher. And did you take name brand clomid or generic??? Thanks everyone for the information. My doctor has me starting clomid next month days 3-7 @100mg... I have took clomid before last year for 2 months but the first month i took50mh days 5-9 and the next month 100mg days 5-9... and of course nothing happened.. So i am really counting on this to work.. Thanks everyone for the information.. looking forward to talking to everyone and sharing info.. Lots of baby dust to everyone!!!*****


TL - April 20

Hi Mandi. I took Clomid 50mg days 3-7 and have my first IUI tomorrow morning.
Hopefully I will have a BFP 1st week of May. I had two big follicles so I am hoping for twins :)
I took the generic cause it's cheaper and the pharmasist said it's the exact same as Clomid.
Baby dust to you :)


Mandi24 - April 20

Thanks TL for the information.. i wonder why my doctor told me that there is a difference between name and generic.. hmmm.. I wish you the best of luck. Lots of baby dust your way.. keep me posted..


TL - April 20

Will do, thanks. I would double check because you will pay much more for buying the brand name instead of just filling the generic version.
Take care :)


Mandi24 - April 20

yeah that is true .. i all ready got a price for it and for one month it will cost $112.00... my husband is one of those people that also believe in name brand stuff... last year when i took clomid.. i took the generic.. so to appease everyone .. i guess i dish out the 112 and get name brand next month.. lol..


Mandi24 - April 20

Anyone else have any success stories???? thanks everyone


big118girl - April 20

Hi Mandi24...My friend took clomiphene, off brand of clomid days 3-7 with robitussin and baby aspirin. She conceived on the 2nd cycle. Oh, I guess she didn't do the aspirin or robitussin until the 2nd cycle. Good luck. My friend was unable to conceive for 9 months and finally did after clomiphene.


Twinmom2be - April 21

I took clomid, I think it was clomiphene days 3-7. I used preseed and musinex just in case of little or no cm. I o'd on cd 14. Started opk's on day 10 per my dr's recommendation. I am now pg with twins due the end of Sept. Good luck.


Mandi24 - April 27

hi twinmomtobe ... what is musinex??? thanks


Twinmom2be - April 27

It is supposed to thin out your cm. Here is a website for review:
I started taking it right around the time I started clomid. It is mainly used for when you have congestion that it breaks it up. Good luck


Mandi24 - April 27

thanks twinmom... are you excited .. how far along are you.??? buys or girls ??


Mandi24 - April 27

oops i ment are you having boys or girls??


Twinmom2be - April 27

Very excited. I am 18 weeks today. We find out May 16th what they are. I can't wait.


klaus - May 11

HI, i am sherry and i took clomid days 5-9 . 50 mg and it was generic form,i had an unexplainable infertility i ovulated every 14 days and went through all fertility testing and my husband age 25 and me 27 were both normal and 1st, dose i am now a month pregnant,i did drink alcohol 1 day while taking clomid and i smoke, and i have had 2 leep procedures in the same yr. the last one was 2 months before i was on clomid. i am greatful for clomid, i did have 22 to 26 day periods.


Mandi24 - May 11

hey sherry .. what is a leep procedure??? thanks for the info


islandfever - August 17

Hello. I have been reading these forums since I started clomid about 2 weeks ago and I thank everyone for sharing their stories. I am 21 and have been diagnosed with PCOS. I am currently on CD18 on my first round of 50mg Clomid days 3-7. I did not experience any side effects except minor hot flashes while in bed. I have cramps in my lower right side, almost like AF cramps. I think I may be O'ing now..not really sure how to tell besides a OPK or taking temps... anyone have similar symptoms and conceive on the first try? I would love to conceive =) Any info or suggestions would be great! I will also let everyone know how the next week goes....I will still be bd'ing...since I am still having cramps in my right side... do you think I am still O'ing? or Oing late?


Zerafa05 - August 28

Twinmom2be, sorry for sounding silly but what is Preseed. I am new to this and not sure aware of all the names and uses. With Robitussum is that the cough medicine? If so what is in Robitussum that is so helpful with twins???



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