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Niobe - October 9

I recently gave brth to twins and lost one my boy was born 6lb 15oz and the girl was born 4lb 7oz and she didnt make it (this was 7wks ago) the weird thing is that at my fisrt sono there were 3 sacs 2 babies since the lost I have been obessed with having twins my research has landed me here I would like to know how to take CLOMID UNPRESCRIBED and what else to take with it I have read you can take baby asprin or mucinex any one who has taking it can you plz give me detail info on how to take it what days and how long My fam history my grandmother had triplets that died in child hood my father has 3 or 4 sets of twin cant remeber he has too much kids to keep I now have a 7year old boy and a 7 wk baby boy so yes a girl is wanted but heathy babies are better so if you can plz give me any info expiernce and success stories well be very welcomed to those who I know are going to judge shave it and dont waste your time and just go on and ignore my pain due to my loast it may sound selfish but this is my need if any one knows any way to conceive a girl is also welcomed but not very important TY and I will keep in touch


Niobe - March 29

can any one help me


SoReady - March 30

Hello, I have never lost a child but I unerstand how you feel (the need to have twins). I will soon start TTC and this will be my last pregnancy due to my med. history. I have one little boy and I despreately want a little girl. I am not a doctor but I will be happy to share with you what I have learn in these forums. To conceive a girl: Tip 1) Male sperm swim faster the female sperm, but male sperm die faster. So to better your chances of conceiving a girl, you might try bding 2 and 3 days before you O. If you bd the day that you O, you will have a higher chance of having a boy. Tip 2) Female sperm live longer then male sperm because they have a stronger protective coating. So female sperm survive better then male sperm in an acidic environment. When a woman has an orgasium, they produce fluids that are made to help protect and energize sperm. So to help hender the male sperm it is best to NOT have an orgasium. Remember female sperm live longer then male sperm because of their protective coating, so this should help eliminate some of the males. Tip 3) Do some research. I have heard that there are certain foods that you can eat prior to getting pregnant that will help raise your acidic levels. Thus helping to eliminate male sperm. Tip 4) (This requires a doctor.) There are doctors in the US that can guarentee the s_x of the child for about $600. What they do is: they seperate the male and female sperm and then you would inseminated with the female sperm. When using these methods, not only are you reducing the number of male sperm but you are reducing the number of sperm in general. This can make it harder to get pregnant because your dh may have more male sperm then female. Your wouldn't find that out unless you get his sperm tested. Clomid: Most doctors will start you with 50mg of clomid to be taken once a day on cd5-9. This should help you get pregnant sooner. I have only rea about 1 person having twins on 50mg. Cd5-9 will ensure that any eggs that are released will be fully matured. Most of the twin stories that I have read about were conceived on 100mg or more being taken on cd3-7. Whatever you do, do not exceed 200mg a day. Taking clomid on cd3-7 has been known for making women release more then 1 egg BUT it does not guarentee that the eggs will be mature. I hope that this will helps. I plan on using clomid in a few months with the hopes for a little girl and if that little girl has a twin that would be even better. Feel free to ask me any questions. I will be glad to answer you with anything that I know.


Niobe - April 6

SoReady thank you so much i will keep in touch with you


SoReady - April 6

OK I will be around. Let em know how things work out for you.


crystaljude29617 - April 23

Soready, Did you try clomid yet? How did it go?


SoReady - April 23

crystal = I have not taken it yet. I was supposed to get it in March but my OB messed around for a while and then I missed my O. Now my dh wont be available when I O so I have to wait until June/July.


lowe_88 - February 1

I am thinking about asking my doc. to put me on clomid but im not sure if im a good candidate for it or not so I was wondering if maybe someone on here could help me. I have been tring to have a baby for a little over two years and I finally did get pregnant but I lost the baby at 8wk. That was almost 3 months ago. I am so stressed over losing the baby & I really want to get pregnant again but I dont think I can try for 2 more years, Im wanting something that is going to help me get pregnant faster, But I also want something that is going to be safe. If any one has any info that could help me that would be great!!


gonnatry4#2 - February 1

lowe_88 i think you should start a new thread to ask this question. this is an old post


Sarah2434 - March 26

I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Clomid) - I recieved my pills within one week of ordering them. P.S. 5% discount coupon code: 4y3g6f4k



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