Do These HCG Levels Show Possible Twins

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KristaJ - January 6

miscarried twins about 6 and half weeks ago. so i deffinately cant be more than 6 and half weeks now.
around 5 weeks 1 day hcg was 219 then 48 hours later was 776. then 5 and half days after that at i believe 6 weeks 2 days was 13,300. 6 week range is 1050 to 56,000 ive been more than doubling and at time more than tripling. if i keep this up i would be at 53,000 at 6 weeks 6 days. but i have been more than just doubling so i think it would be higher than that. even just double and a half would make it 83,125 right???
does it look like i may be pregnant with twins again?


KristaJ - January 6

and i have also gained 10 lbs already in the last 2 weeks. but ive been sick to my stomach so i havent been eating a whole lot either. morning sickness and other sings have been on and off some days have them in full on horrible mode and others dont have signs at all. im already having to wear maternity pants. cant even budge my zipper on my regular pants i bought just 4 weeks ago


MiLo - May 25

Hi Krista, how did it go? are you having twins? I just got my beta hcg levels and they are at 9380 4 1/2 weeks pregnant! that is way high, worried that there is something wrong :/



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