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Shey - March 4

Did all of you who used clomid receive the HCG trigger shot? My doc. is talking about it , but I am wondering if this is a needed thing or not. I was also wondering if it truly does increase the odds of having multiples if you have the shot as well as clomid combined?


yetanothertripletmom - March 5

I used the HCG trigger shot along with Pergonal. I don't think the trigger shot really increases the chance of multiples because it only makes the follicles that are mature ovulate. It can't create more follicles. Some women don't ovulate on clomid even though they do grow mature follicles. In that situation the trigger shot would be necessary to ovulate. If your doctor thinks it's necessary, go for it!


Corona - March 5

I had a HCG trigger along with Puregon, I never used clomid. I am now 21wks preg with twins. I don't feel that the trigger increased my chances of twins. What it did do was help the mature follicle ovulate, not something I regularly did on my own. My pregnancy was also help along with IUI which may have helped hubby's swimmers connect with the targets easier, also not something we were able to do on our own as I produce antiboties that kills his sperm. I agree with yetanother, that you should listen to your doctor, it may jsut increase your chances to have a beautiful addition to you family! Best wishes!


MelissaSLP - March 6

We did not use the trigger shot. We ended up with 3 pregnancies (one ended in m/c) and the first was a singleton and the last was our twins.


lilly2 - March 17

Corona, I am currently waiting for mine antibodies or natural killers result .(cd19,cd56,cd69, beta 2 glycoprotein and coeliac antibody screen).Do you remember what sort of test you had whe you been diagnosed with antibodies?


Corona - March 17

I'm sorry Lilly, i don't remember. That was something that was tested more than 5yrs ago. I have to admitt that every time we were given bad news, I tried to just block it out & think about the things that were still actually working!


lilly2 - March 18

Thank's Corona.Within next 7,8 days i'll now what is going on and i am trying to be positive about it.I keep you informing.



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