kalebs_mommy123 - April 7

Okay, So before I start I'll tell you this is my first pregnancy & I am only 19 so still young..but anyway I had my first ultrasound done at 13 weeks for a testing so they zoomed in on the baby's neck and didn't pay attention to anything else. I had my 2nd ultrasound done at 19 weeks when they told me it was a boy. Well I am 25 weeks now & havnt had an ultrasound since, but Im kinda worried that maybe they over looked a second baby. They've only ever found one heartbeat but it always cuts out and always changes like really really fast. I've been measuring big since the beginning and everyone always asks if I'm having twins. Plus all the doctors say they've never felt a baby as hyper as mine, so I was kinda thinking there might be 2 since both ultrasounds he didn't move at all and I've been feeling movement ever since 14 weeks, plus I've had to have my labor stopped twice so far and everyone tells me that it happens with twins..I was just wanting some other oppinions before I called my doctor to make another appt


Niobe - April 8

dont worry that happen to my friend she was freaked out cause she didnt even want to be pregnant so when every one was asking her if she was having twin she would freak out

any way she made the docdo a blood test and her levels was normal but she didnt believe him she went to another doctor and has u/s normal she was so freaked and freaking out the doctors about having twins she and the doctors never realized that maybe the baby was just big which was the surprise when she gave birth to a whooping 13lbs baby with with a mouth full of teeth 4 on top 2 on the bottom

not to scare you but he ripped her from front to back

he's 6 now and as tall as a 14yr old



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