More Implantion Bleeding With Twins

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Victoria_1985 - June 11

Hi Ladies! My Dh and I are trying to conceive out 2 child. 6 days after ovulation I had some blood streaked mucus, my period was suppose to come on the 20th but came on the 11th. First with spotting than turning heavier with some clots now its gone. I've had tender br___t, feeling tired, and going pee more than usual. I thought maybe I was just getting my period really earlyand off base but my mom just informed my that twins run on both side of my family. I was wondering if anyone experienced anything similar?


Victoria_1985 - June 12



Victoria_1985 - June 13

No one has expeienced this??


samehere - June 13

I have never heard of implantation bleeding having clots.


sphinx - June 16

I did not have implantation bleeding with my twins. Just out of curiosity I asked my OB/gyn how common it is for women to experience it and he said almost no one has it. He had never actually had a patient with it, only heard about it happening to some women in rare cases. He has delivered several sets of twins and triplets in his practice and of course, many singletons, too. Besides, I don't think implantation bleeding alone would be any reason to suspect multiples.... did you even get a bfp yet or are you just hoping you are preg?


Twinmom2be - July 17

I did have 9 days of implantation bleeding with my twins. It was anywhere from pink to bright red. Good luck.


Krissy68 - July 17

Victoria_1985 - So did you find out if you were pregnant or not and if so how far are you and do you know how many you are having? Krissy68



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