Pregnant With CLOMID What Should I Think

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Shannon - November 30

Sorry Shey forgot about the other post. Momentary lapse,


Shey - November 30

Hi shannon, Silly me thought you were talking about positive BFP not OPK!! lol. This is my fourth round of Clomid and not doing the OPK thing this month as I feel it is all getting too mechanical and forced. i am on Cycle day 10 today and will BD every second day over fertile days and then whenever we feel like it! If I don't conceive this month I am going to take a break from Clomid for a couple of months and see how we go without it. Waiting sucks!!! I'm sure you will get a BFP this month!!!!


Shannon - December 26

Hey Shey will I find you here. Haven't heard from you in a while. I think that you should have had a BFP or a BFN by now. how are things. I am in my 2ww.


cowgirlup2008 - April 8

I am wondering exactly what the chances are of conceiving multiples. I was told by my doc. that it is 10-20%. I have been reading and everthing says different. I am getting ready to take my prescribed clomid on days 5-9 and was also wondering if I am supposed to try this 1st month or let it be in my system for a while. My doc wants me to come back on day 21. I didn't know if that was to check if I am preg. or to fit me with a better dose if this one isn't right? Please anyone with info help!!


pluppan - December 14

I have been reading all of the post now and I have to say I am a bit frustrated. I have now been trying for a baby doing exactly what my doctors are telling me for almost 3 years. Do you think that I would try anything to increase my chances of having a baby - you bet! I am seriously thinking of trying clomid ( already bought over the net) without a doctor’s supervision. We have unexplained infertility with a slight low sperm count, I am healthy as a nutshell. Nothing is happening but I want to try clomid. After reading these I feel more scared to do it than before but somehow I am willing to take the risk. So, my point is - for me as a woman who want to become a mother I would hope that people would understand that a person in our situation would try a lot of different things to have a baby


LadyJaja - July 5

What's the best online pharmacy for ordering clomid? We are Canadian residents. And, I need it in 3 weeks. This is the first time I order non prescribed meds online so I need some guidance there. By best I mean, reliable not necessarily cheap, but if they are both then I wouldn't complain. We are TTC. We would welcome a singleton, twins and more if fate so wishes it on us. I'm 35. My kids are 5 to 10 y/o. Now sadly, I have an irregular period so charting is useless. I pay attention to cervical signs of ovulation. I do not do basal temp. My cycles are 33 to 49 that is a large concern. That being said, Had 3 children conceived naturally, the first took years, the second took 1 1/2 years and third was first fluke. After my third was born, I suffered irregular periods, heavy flows and large clots, I had a biopsy done and suffered a severe uterine infection as a result. That was almost 1 year ago. All hormone tests have come back normal. I am still lactating even though I stopped b___stfeeding nearly 3 years ago. I don't have years to get pregnant. I want to be pregnant yesterday. My husband had everything tested and he's fine. I'm taking Centrum multi-vit, folic acid, b 50 -complex, b6, vit D, Estro-sens (helps regulate female related issues), acidophiles Ultra,& Fish Oil. I'm generally healthy, a carnivorous, sleep 8 to 10 hours daily, exercise 3 times a week, weight is 215 lbs, and height is 5ft 5in. So, as far as dose goes, I plan to take 100 or 150 but not sure what days would be best for me. Ideas? Can someone reference a site with guidelines or would know from experience similar to mine what dose and days would be best? Any other suggestions or ideas are welcome. Baby dust to all TTC. ********** FYI my LMP was June 13th and we have been doing the baby dance EVERY day since june 18th til July 4th just for fun.


LadyJaja - July 5

Lauren, I've read and tried to source "yams". The yams they are talking about for fertility are known as Ca__sava root, not just any store bought sweet potato yam. And, it's the skin not the entire veg that increases fertility. I just wanted to clear that up. And, to the best of my knowledge, there are no sources for it in pill form.


mercifulmom - September 30

To Twins4us and Momma Bean: I am a__suming by your username you are both with child. Congrats to you both! How fortunate for you to be able to conceive with/without clomid. I have 5 children of my own...and before you judge me, my dh and I fall into the upper income level and care for all of our children, pay all of our bills and have never gotten any a__sistance of any kind(just in case you were going to judge about the number of children) Unfortunately all of our children are girls and although we love them all dearly, we would really like to try again for a boy. I am going through menapause and only have a period once every 3 or 4 months. I am very educated in fact with a chemistry degree. With all the education I have on chemicals and meds, I would still use unprescribed meds to get pregnant if that was the only way I could get them even with the side effects. I love children and love can make you do crazy things. Some people are so deperate for a child that they will do anything. As I said, I do not like to judge people but someone needs to address this behavior. I think you are overstepping some boundaries with the personal attacks against this "Yas girl. She came to this forum for advice; you gave her yours! This is a free country and yes you have the rights to disagree and to give whatever advice you like would you feel if you lost your child at any stage regardless of how it was conceived? You are quick to judge her but, may god have mercy on you for being so hateful and spiteful to any person, whether you know them or not. Whether they are lying or not is not for you to decide nor point out in such a demeaning way. Do unto others as you would have done unto you...ever hear of that? How about what goes around comes around. Hope you are never in a situation where you make a choice against someone elses better judgement and you are run through the gauntlet for it. Leave this girl alone. It is not your job to demean her or point out her faults. You should both be ashamed of yourselves, you are acting like immature children....and for the record you should find a more positive and constructive hobby. If you have nothing nice to say...then say nothing.


yas2000 - October 1

oh deary is getting heated deary me...ok...its been quite a few years since my clomid pahse..andyes i did try it unprescribed and yes i did have chemical pregnancis at least 4 times without clomid and probably with. i cannot even remember what had happened to me back then when i tried it because i only tried it once and then never bothered again. i since have had 2 more childen with both of those i bled during early pregnancy with the risk of miscarriage. i can also announce after the clomid phase it wasn't so uch having twins it was more about having the desired gender. i have had threee boys before i managed to conceive my daughter and the funny thing is i conceived her without clomid and straight after and early MC in 2008!!!! i want to lay everyone's upset to rest that i conceived naturally, never bothered with unprescribed clomid and funny enough i still have the desire of twins now but my main focus is gender as i would love another girl so since the years with the clomid obsession, LOL...i have aged 10 years and have ventured into the wrol of gender selection. judge me if you will but family balancing is quite a real issue and understandably for alot of families with dominiring genders. anyway, in the mneantime the mystery about my miscarriages and high risk pregnancies has been finally solved as after having my daughter i came of the BCP just to allow my body to readjust. turns out it couldnt and i went into some kind of meldown to the point that i thought i am menapausal!!!!!i got myself the body clock test (the opnly means to test for perimenapause, and it has turned out i have PCOS. hence all the palava over the years with my bleeding and chemical pregnancies. it explains alot why i had all my MC and all my pregnsncies were high risk. little did i know and i have to say my children are all miracles in thei own right. well i am nearing 40 now and the rirony is i am still planning for baby number 5 (myu last but moreso than twins my focus is on tryig for a girl so i am active in the family balaning diets and methods to conceive a girl natiurally. my desire for twins will always be there and as irony has it i am adviced to try with PRESCRIBED clomid due to my age and the high risk due to PCOS!!!! but for now we may even try a high tech mothod for con copnseption due to the fact that the whole point of having one last child is to have a girl. having familes and a desire for children the way i have had has put me on along journey through the net to find others like myself, for information, advice, consolidation, and yes i have been slated many a times over the years and i knopw of many others with my desires. i have not been active on this particular board since i tried unprescribed clomid ONLY ONCE and never since and have been totally inactive since my last post before this one (in case you have not noticed!!!!). looking back it was an experence and whether it was real clomid or not it obviously had not done anything for me. hover now i can try it undr monitoring although having said that all i am told is what and how to take not much has chnged since my own experience with it. LOL...i am not angry with anyone slating me....i am a bsy mum with 4 gorgeous children wioth lots to do....the internet is a archive of experiences, advnetures and learning and io am ever so thankful i found threads like these where people felt the way i do on my journey to achive my ideal kind of family. i am almost there but nevertheless it is perfect as it is and i am aver so greatful. i only got a few more years to dwell on such things so i would offically ask you anyone who is to post further on this thread to understand that like with everything in life my unprescribed clmid journey was an experience, was a learning curve and unlike many others who may have succeeded with it ,i did not. it was a pahe like it is with everything in life and i am over it....i wish all the new mum's on here that will read these post to come many a luck on their conceiving journey as it has many ahses, many turbulations, many challenges..but conception is a gift and everything encompa__sing it is a blessing.....and if god willing i will complete my family with or without clomid with or wiotout family balancing methids once and for all. but if not as it stands i have a perfect family now and i do not regret anything thing i did or may have done and not done to be here today to proudly blessd with my 4 healthy and happy children. may god bless everyone else the same!!!! take care everone!!!!love you all the day like me you will look back at all this and have laugh becasue it is bizarre what it is we are willing to do to achive our goals!!!


yas2000 - October 1

LOl...i feel ancient...i just read my last post which was posted around 2005!!!lol...this is the year i conceived my third child naturally without much has happened since....just to put the record straight i have had alot of bleeding in that pregnancy and i have had two miscarriages after that pregnancy and before my 4th and last child was born who i also had lot of bleeeding with. as with descrepnancies, because of the MC's, cycle days and god knows what i don't deny i may have had my dates wrong here and there....but simple fact of the matter is i had PCOS and didn't know it hence the turmoil in my pregnancies.....but is all in the past now....i am currently working and still planning for baby number 5 (who will be my last) before i hit the middle age girls all hopefully got what you have wished for...and unless i am lucky enough to conceive twins now in old desire of twins is still there but the desparation for it has long gone....please don't call me a liar becasue i am a genuine and honest person with desires i was willing to do anything for and was happy to share my journey to get there openly with those who seeked to find the same answers to questions they may have had....i was not one here to want to mislead anyone and i will not judge anyone doing or going about doing things the way i have as it is their life and decision. the reality is, alot is going on in life now the internet is filled with women like me coming and hoping to share information and help story with clomid was short lived i had only i think if i remmebrer 1-2 courses of didn't do anytiuing for me and i had no side effects either. in hindsight i can still not judge what i done is wrong....but i see it as an expereince and yes part of me was always skeptical about taking it unprescribed so i never botherd to go down that ha__sle of a route again. trust me waiting for your unprescribed pills and then taking them whislt being slated online like that was not the most pleasant of it was an expereince anyone new to the thread....i am old and wiser now...people can be quite judgemental and they have no idea who and what you are what is right for you but make sure you read around, fin others in your shoes and get the support you me in a few years time this will all become a blur of words and sqaubbles of yesteryears....take what you need from it and good luck on your journey!!!love and god bless!!!


Sarah4141 - March 25

I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Clomid) - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.



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