Pregnant With Twins 10w5d

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Sun - July 3

I m having twins and m in 10 weeks 5days as of today! I m having crampy feeling and sometimes sharp pain at my lower abdomen on and off. Also the fatigue, back and ligaments pain drive me crazy....... Is it normal? Anyone having same experience? How long will all these discomfort goes off?

I have been reading a lot but i just feel that the more i read the more i feel the tense!


Erin - July 4

Hello and welcome to having twins. I am 20 weeks (lmp) and I am having those normal pains as well. The worst for me is my feet. They are so sore all the time. But the ligament and back pain in very normal. The back pain has gone down considerably for me, but I expect it to get worse as these babies get bigger....Good luck and remember to get lots of rest.


julie - July 5

I have that same thing. I'm pregnant with twins at just about 10 weeks now, and I have these lightning bolt zings of pain from my lower abdomen down into my v____a. Brief, but they suprise me! I think it's normal. I get low back pain, too, which is getting irritating. With all of the crampiness, spotting, pains, etc, and the fact that they're still in there despite all of this, I'm beginning to think that I worry more than I should. Can't help it, though!


Erin - July 5

Hello again. The shrp, shooting pain is related to those round ligaments in the belly area. Rubbing and gentle ma__sage helps. I find I get them when I stand up from sitting or lying down....


angel - July 8

I am 12 weeks pregnant with twins and I am feeling the same symtoms and still working but hopefully I will feel much better in my 2nd trimester.



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