Scared It May Be Twins

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Naomi - November 1

i had an u/s at 6 weeks due to measuring large for dates, they never said anything other than I was right on track with dates that I gave the doctor. I have been getting winded Very easily as well as always feeling like I have not gotten any sleep, Twins run in both sides of my family. I am now 18 weeks and have been told I look like i am about 5-6 months I am also carring REALLY LOW, backaches and mild cramping, I was horribly sick for months and I can still hardly stand to eat! Can anyone tell me if this has happend to them with twins? I am kinda worried about having twins due to having a 6 month old baby to care for already. Which is Very difficult due to the extream exaustion I have been facing!


twins4us - November 1

you are probably bigger because you got pg so soon after your previous pg. IT is VERY hard on your body to have close body didn't recover which is probably why this pg symptoms are so severe.Twins aren't missed very often. U/S is the only way to tell for sure. IF they didn't mention twins at 6wks then it is most likely only one.


Naomi - November 1

They didn't say ANYTHING just that we are right on schedule with my dates! they also kept the monitor away from my view so I dunno what the situation is I go back for another ultrasound on the 16th but just thinking about going is enough to make me sick! this is also my 5th pregnancy and BY FAR the worst! have already told the doctor my husband and I BOTH need to get fixxed i am not even going to have to worry about an oops! I Just wish I knew what was going on but feel as though i have been left in the dark.



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