Spontaneous Ovulation Conceiving Twins Naturally

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Twins know how - September 29

I found this site you can check out your second ovulation or called Spontaneous ovulation free for a month. Click on the stork when you get to the page. You'll need to input your birth information as it will calculate your natal moon phase for you. http://www.astroelite.com/index.asp


Twins know how - September 29

Just to add on, you'll need to have your usual ovulation day (ovulation with visable cervical mucas) 6 days away from you Spontaneous ovulation which is marked Max fertility day on the website.


Twins know how - September 29

Sorry not 6 days away, not more than 6 days apart between this two ovulations therefore your change of concieving twins increases.


yeah...right - September 30

that's not true, its wishful thinking.


TC - October 3

How many ladies out there have tried using this method and concieved either singleton or twins?


Jill - October 4

Thanks for the info. I looked at the website, it is really interesting. It can't hurt to try it! Thanks fot sharing!


TTC - October 4

Hi this is interesting. I have heard of moon does effect our body. From their free chart, I now know my maximum fertility day for this month. Baby dust to all.



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