Spotting With Twins

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Les - January 22

I am 8 weeks pregnant with twins and have had some spotting for the last three weeks. Ultrasound at seven weeks looked good, but with continued spotting I'm worried. Any advice fellow mothers?


TripletMom - January 22

In my pregnancy I had spotting from early on through 10 weeks. Then I had a heavy bleed, and things still turn out ok. I think the spotting should not be too much of a concern, but always call and ask your doctor if you are concerned.


onetwothree - January 22

Spotting is a lot more common in a multiples pregnancy. I even had spotting with mine before I knew that it was twins. A lot of the time, the reason for the spotting is unknown but the pregnancy continues on for a happy ending.


KATZIIZ - January 23

I had quite a few spotting episodes up until 12 weeks. I am now 29 weeks with twin girls. As long as they keep looking good on the u/s don't let yourself worry too much. Good luck and Congratulations!


yetanothertripletmom - January 23

I spotted the entire first tri with my triplets. I also had 2 heavy bright red bleeds complete with clots. I also spotted at 23 and 31 weeks. My babies were all okay. Any time you have red blood, call the doctor. Brown blood is old and therefore not a threat to your pregnancy. Good luck!


Corona - January 23

I'm now almost 15 wks with twins. I've had spotting the whole time! I've had 1 heavy bleed that sent me to hospital! I'm told the babies are fine. I hold on to that or I'll lose my mind! I know it's scary, but I'm sure everything will work out well! Good luck!!


B - January 23

I had implantation bleeding for 9-10 days with 1 day being bright red with a couple of small clots. My hcg levels were 96 then 72 hours later 356. Now the dr is wanting me to come back in tomorrow for some more blood work. I hate this worrying/waiting thing. I took clomid so I am wondering if I am carrying more than one and that is why I had ib for so long. Anyone else with multiples have ib for a long period?


Bump - January 24



katie_lachmuth - February 17

Started spotting at 8 weeks. It stopped and started heavily again at 10 weeks with clotting and cramping. Our boy/girl twins are great and happily playing together behind me as I type. In fact, I went to term!! No doctor ever gave me a good explanation. However, an experienced Ultrasound Tech said the babies were probably resting on the cervix. The bleeding stopped a few weeks into the 2nd trimester when the babies moved up higher. Makes sense. Hang in there. Drink TONS of water!!! Keep your feet up high.



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