Will My Cocaine Use Affect My Baby

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tora - December 3

i used cocaine once when i was 2-3 weeks pregnant(before i knew of course) now ever since i found out i was pregnant it has been haunting me that i may have caused some kind of damage to the baby. thanks in advance for your help.


zoe - December 4

implantation takes place in the 3rd week so most likely anything done before that time will not harm the baby


anna - December 4

i also used cocaine in early pregnancy-my baby was born healthy-i wouldnt worry


Misty - December 5

I also don't feel you have anything to worry about.My sister(one of them) didn't find out she was pregnant until almost the 3rd month.She was on meth,not much,but discontinued when she found out.Her son is now almost 12 years and as healthy as any 12 year old.


lara - January 14

Ive been going through the same thing. Took it 1 week into pregnancy and the DR has told me not to worry at all.


ch78 - January 17

I do not usually use drugs, but I did shortly before I found out I was prenant and I worried about the same thing. Tora please ignore LH and don't stress, your stress will probably cause more problems than the cocaine, but do consult your MD as that is only my opinion.


Mrs M Moorly - February 11

I am going throught the same thing - i took cocaine when I was roughly 2 weeks into the pregnancy and feel constantly that something 'bad' is going to happen. I work in an early pregnancy scanning unit and have had several scans - I'm now ten weeks - and so far everything looks ok. Can't do much about it now anyway can we?


J - February 11

If illegal drugs are bad for you what could they do to an unborn baby? There is help out there for drug users you should get some.


angie - February 11

in most cases babies are born with defects and can become mentally ill or any other case but things are not the same with all women


ur a dumba__s..... - February 15

Cocaine (including crack) and methamphetamine (speed, or ice) are powerful stimulants of the central nervous system. They suppress the mother’s appet_te and exert other drastic forces on her body, causing the blood vessels to constrict, the heart to beat faster, and the blood pressure to soar. The growth of the fetus may be hindered, and there are higher risks of miscarriage, premature labor, and a condition called abruptio placentae (the partial separation of the placenta from the uterus wall, causing bleeding). If these drugs are taken late in pregnancy, the baby may be born drug dependent and suffer withdrawal symptoms, such as tremors, sleeplessness, muscle spasms, and sucking difficulties. Some experts believe learning difficulties may later develop.


a - February 16

my first reaction was negative to this. but you can't be harsh. no one is perfect. it was before she found out. being harsh is only going to cause her to stress more...which is one of the most dangerous factors remember? i had a few drinks for new years, took ibruprofren the before i found out i was pregnant and i was worried for weeks about that. consult with your doctor, and do research on your own. JUST DON'T STRESS! =) look to GOD, and he'll take care of you...


oh my god - February 16

the reason im so negative b4 u all start is because in my town there is a girl who did drugs and had a baby boy her son was born early and not deveolped he has no a__s the poor thing and his head is the size of a mellon what did he do to deserve that i ask!!!!!!!!!!


oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - February 16

He obviously has had some operations to sort out his a__s but his head remains the same x I could cry seeing him it brings tears to my eyes


ber - February 24

i did coke my 6th week, ont knowing i was pregnant, im wondering if my baby is going to be okay =(


oh my god!!!!!!!! - February 24

if drugs doesnt make u a bad mom then why when they know they are carrying a baby that cant say no does a mother inject or swollow or even smoke drugs??? Each time there baby is at risk but hey yr right they are a good mom they nearlly kill or can harm there own flesh and blood


sr - February 24

it seems to me that everyone on this site used before they knew they were pregnant...i could see b___hing at them for using knowing it was hurting the baby, but to give up something so addictive for your baby's health shows your already sacrificing and i am sure you will be great mothers!!!


courtney - February 24

I am just leaving a message here, i think that if you do keep up keep ur health and nutrition up that you will be okay, however, i don't agree with some of these messages being left on this message board, i hear a lot of blame towards tora, and also i hear a lot of blame towards substance misusers towards non users, The effects of drugs is horrific, let me ask you this question, would you leave your two year old with a babysitter who smoked pot infront of your child? who gave ur child alcohol? or cocaine for that matter. I can see that there is a lot of mis education out there and that you as a pregnant woman are the babysitter now, incharge of your life and others. You may think you are a poster mom with great family, husband children etc. but i think if you did research in the drug you are chosing you will see that the life you are living is not a life you really want to live. I encourage you all to attend meetings for narcatics annonymous and seek treatment so that you will be around long enough to see your children grow up.



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