2 Missed Periods Negative In Home Preg Test Amp Blood Test

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wishing in WI - July 17

Ok...so I am about a week late. Two brands of htps, both negative. But I have had headaches, gas, slight nausea, bloating and sore nipples. I want SO badly to be pregnant so I kind of feel like maybe I am causing some of these symptoms. I know that stress is not an issue because we weren't even trying right now. I guess I just need someone to tell me I am not crazy and there is hope. It's rea__suring to hear that some women's hcg levels are just too low to show. :) anyways... Some words of encouragement would be so appreciated. Will test again in a week, I think.


wishing in WI - July 19

So anyway. I miscarried today.


Bettie - September 30

I have the same exact problem. I haven't had a period in three months. I've taken six home preg. tests and they have all come back neg. I have however, read dozens of stories about women who couldn't get a positive to save their souls until about four to five months into their pregnancy. I have no idea what causes this, but I believe an ultrasound is probably the only way to one hundred percent know for sure at 3 months. I have ALL the symptoms of being pregnant but even a blood test came back neg. Of course I'm worried as heck. But I plan on getting an ultrasound soon as possible.


sredha - January 23

hello maria. y hav u nt updated since thn...hw r u nw?wat was d issue? am eager 2 kno since i too hav the very same pblm...hope thngs r gng well nw..pls reply...pls


babyhope190 - June 15

Hello, I took Microgynon for a year and came off at the end of January this year. I had 2 periods, one lasted 2 days which is how I was before I went on the pill but the other was so light with reddish/brown spotting that I didn't need to use any protection. I now have had nothing and have missed 2 periods completely. I know that it can take time for your cycle to get back to normal but I am very worried that I won't have my periods again or there is something very wrong. Has anyone else been through this? THe doctor just told me to go away and come back in 6 months. I have done a couple of pregnancy tests both which have come back negative. I had a dull aching in my back which I used to get before I came on my periods last weekend and I was so so tired I couldn't move all night. Now I don't have any other symptoms. Can anybody help? Many thanks.


Jennx - June 15

Hello im Jen. I have been on the pill before but came off quite a while ago. My last period was maybe a week before the 20th march? I know it was not long before that just not sure defo when. I still havent had a period. I was in turkey 1 week ago and had a tiny bit of bleeding but i think it mayve been a cut. About 2 months ago i was at a friends and i had a really bad headache. I felt quite sick at some points but went to bed. I randomly woke up at 5 am and i was sick, i felt a bit rubbish that day but havent been sick since. Sometimes i feel sicky in my stomach but only 2 my mouth has started watering and i think im going to be sick but then it pa__ses after about ten minutes. I get headaches almost every day but i got headaches before. I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and all were negative, surely theyd be a positive by now seeing as ive misssd 3 periods!? 2 of the tests were cheap ones from the pound shop haha only because i took them when i had only missed one and sometimes im late by no more than 3 weeks. I dont think im pregnant but i dont know, 3 months is longer than usual! I get a lot of cramps on the bottom of my stomach, they feel like im going to come on but i dont. My nipples have gotten bigger, only the nipple bit and only when erect, theyre huge when theyre erect and they wwerent before! I dont know what to think, can anyone help me? Please write back x


javajunkee2010 - March 1

I had my last period the week before New Years eve. I skipped Jan and Feb cycle. I have taken 2 in home preg tests and had extensive blood work. Checking thyroid, ovulation, hormone levels and all that.... No idea why Im skipping periods. I have been preg once, so I know the feeling...and dont feel the least bit preg.


Win - April 9

hi my name is win and im a student i had a week in which i suffered sevre vomitting and headaches, from then on i have not had a period for about three months, i have taken 9 pregnancy tests all come back negative.... but i get abdominal cramps and my b___sts are really sore and tender, i was on the pill until i missed my first period in case it would affect the possible foetus, but even though i have come off my pill cycle, which should naturally bring on a period, nothing has happened i am really worried and i would really appreciate someone writing back! i have a part-time job and i need to know if any mothers had the same symptoms so i can work towards a financial state suitable for a baby... please please respond


MzDee - October 6

Hi, I am new to the site but have observing questions as well as answers here involving missed periods, negative home pregnancy test results etc...I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks 4 years ago this month and have had regular periods since then, I missed a period ONE time in 4 years which was a few months ago but had regular periods afterwards. My periods usually come at the beginning of each month but today is the 5th of Oct. and I am exactly 4 weeks late. In the pa__sed 2 years, my b/f would pull out before ejaculating until Sept. 7th, he ejaculated inside of me and that was around the time I should have gotten my period, we are ready to have a baby and want to be pregnant more than anything but all tests have come back negatives, I have not had a blood test done but I may have a low hormone count, I hope anyone can help me if you are in a similar situation, please tell your story. Thank you for listening, any feedback is appreciated, also, has anyone been pregnant testing negative on home tests?



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