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Kacie - April 18 12:32pm

Has anyone tried the "wedding ring" test and if so how accurate was it? My mom tried it on me and it starts off moving in lines and then in circles when held over the palm of my hand. When held over the right side of my belly it only does circles and when held over the left side it only does lines. It does the same thing when held over my husband's hand. Supposedly if you aren't pregnant it won't move at all. I know it won't do anything when held over my mom's or sister's hand. I have had negative HPT's and one negative blood test, but I'm only about 3 weeks pregnant. I have had a few symptoms; nausea, frequent urination, "gassy feeling", fatigue, late period, irregular bleeding. I know it has been really accurate for my mom and her friends. Could this mean boy and girl twins??? They run in my family.

FF - April 18 2:44pm

Hey Kacie, in my family we do the "ring test" when the pregant person is far enough along to be showing a little... my sis did it on me when I was about 18 weeks and it predicted a boy then when I went for my sonagram two weeks later it was a boy! So I guess it was accurate for me, maybe you just aren't far enough along for it to work. Oh, and we also hold it over the middle of the belly... It may just be an old wives tale but it is pretty fun! Good luck!

Bridget - April 24 11:21pm

My cousin done the ring test on me with both of my kids, I was about 3 months along with the both of them when we done it, with my daughter, we put it over the middle of my tummy, and it done circles, with my boy we done the same and it done lines, so the both were very accurate, my family lives by the ring test, and so far it has yet to prove us wrong. Try holding it over the middle of your stomach, right under your belly b___ton, and see what happends.

Mel J - April 30 12:27am

i know its an old wives tale but we tried it w/ my last one and it said we were having a boy and we did! with this one it says my fingers are crossed!!!

Rose - April 30 2:25pm

What is the ring test? How does it work? :-)

Babydoll - May 4 1:24pm

My ring is tattooed on :( Can I use just any ring? and how do you do it?

Ashley - May 24 5:20am

how is it done?

kare - May 24 11:05pm

my nanna had 16 children, she did this for each and she never tells us if it was always accurate, just smiles and says that she got what she wanted out of it :)

i think most use their wedding or engagement rings - though any ring you wear or holds sentimental value to you will do.. pull a strand of hair out of the pregnant woman's head, tie one end around the ring and with the other, hold the above the pregnant tummy, just above/below the bellyb___ton.

if it swings in circles, its supposedly a girl. if it sways from side to side, its said to be a boy.

usually a good thing to get someone else to do the test on the pregnant women.

colleen - May 24 11:27pm

does this test work to diagnose pregnancy or just for the s_x of the baby if you already know you are pregnant?

kare - May 24 11:31pm

just the s_x.

just keep in mind this is just for a bit of fun too.. not something to go by for certain, just a bit of fun.

Vicki Schulz - June 9 6:38am

I did the ring test when I was pregnant, it was the same the whole was through my entire pregnany. I did it over my belly b___ton. Im not sure which one means what but mine said boy, and I got a boy. we even tried starting it the opposite way and it still changed to a boy. My cousin who is not pregnant tried it and it came up with girl, so I think it shows what you s_x your having or will be pregnant with next. even when held by other people over my tummy it still came up with the same thing over and over.

Leigh - July 5 11:10am

Just be careful which diagnosis you read. Some of these responses say lines for a girl and some say circles. I always thought it was lines for a girl. That's what I'm hoping for and that's what I'm getting. I already have two beautiful sons so a little girl would make a wonderful end to my child bearing years - no more three's enough!

Chris - July 9 11:01pm

I tried every wives tale I could find. Did the ring and needle and both said boy. The way I was carrying said boy. Chinese calendar. I could go on and on. PLUS there was the fact that I wanted a girl so badly I knew it'd be another boy. ..... well .... I'm getting my girl :) So that's why they call it wives tale, not scientific proof LOL

Jbear - July 12 1:47am

The wedding ring test was wrong for me. It was a consistent result no matter who did the test, it just wasn't right. The chinese lunar calendar was right, but that was probably a coincidence.

Aussiegal - July 13 6:58am

I find it facinating.In Australia we do the ring test, pa__sed down from my Grandmother and her daughters(7) and then granddaughters. We don't go in lines and circle. Here, if it circles clockwise it's a boy and anti-clockwise for a girl, to swing backwards and forwards is twins!! This has helped to predict many a pregnancy & has been 100% we do it over our bellies as well as the palm of your can hold the ring by a piece of cotton or your hair about 10cm long)

Jennifer - July 13 4:45pm

My friends did the ring test on me Monday just for fun. It swung in a line indicating a boy. I had my ultrasound Tuesday and it's a boy!

Leigh - July 13 7:33pm

My friend did it to me this morning over my hand using a locket (but same theory). She said it swings for a boy and circles for a girl and was true to her two kids. This is the opposite way round to the method over the belly. I got circles over my hand and lines over my belly. Can everyone try this and see if they get different results using the different methods?


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