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Crystal - September 11th, 2004 11:05 PM

I did not know i was pregnant and in the first 2 weeks of conception i went to a cocktail party and actually got drunk on about 5 cocktails. Is my baby going to be deformed? Can this be detected in the 12 week ultrasound?

Jessyka - June 2nd, 2004 9:29 AM

No. Your baby will be fine. Although, I am not a doctor, I can tell you this: I drank heavily for the first month of my pregnancy (I was unaware). When I found out, I flipped. My doctor reassured me that it would be fine and the ultrasounds look great. I am 6 months now and expecting a beautiful baby boy in September! So to put your worries to rest, talk to your doctor, but I think you and your baby will be fine =)

rosie - June 15th, 2004 11:12 PM

i smoke and drank the first 3 months, will that affect my baby in any way.

Lisa - July 19th, 2004 3:00 PM

There is no known safe level of alcohol, but neither do they know how much alcohol or when in development fetal alcohol spectrum disorders can develop, so there is no way to know for sure. Now that you know you are pregnant, you can avoid alcohol. For information google the fetal alcohol spectrum disorders to learn more.

holly - July 29th, 2004 2:01 PM

pregnant or not but i think iam and some of my friends said that if u injure yourself it will kill the baby is that true

KK - August 2nd, 2004 6:06 PM

injure yourself in which way? i think the only main way it can kill your baby is if your injury happened on your stomach..and if its a serious injury. hope this helps-good luck

Kate - August 14th, 2004 6:24 PM

KK, I hope you don't seriously believe what you wrote.

brucen - August 20th, 2004 4:38 PM

Timmy: Tell her not to freak, the baby is fine.

BB - September 11th, 2004 11:05 PM

I also drank with my first child before I knew I was pregnant and he is fine and indeed very intelligent and normal. I now just found out I am expecting my second and am three weeks. During this time I drank heavily with party to party of social events. I am again freaked out but look at my beautiful son and realize if I quit now - everything will hopefully be fine. Hang in there! It iwll work out. In the decades before the 70's people drank throughout their pregnancies and we all turned our fine!

tru - September 13th, 2004 2:09 PM

you and your baby will be fine. with my first i did not know for the first month and a half and I was drinking every weekend, as a matter of fact that is how I discovered i was probally preg because drinking made me sick at one point. you two will be fine! I under went surgery when i was preg because we did not know I was preg and I had went completely under and luckily my daughter was perfectly healthy!!

Christine - September 16th, 2004 12:56 AM

I drank very heavily 3 Saturdays in a row and just found out that I'm 4 weeks pregnant. I'm scared to death that I harmed the baby.

Nicole - September 30th, 2004 1:25 PM

My husband and I are planning to start a family within the next two months. I have 1-2 glasses of wine 4 times a week. While I don't plan on drinking at all when I am pregnant. My husband feels that it is dangerous for me to drink while we are trying to concieve. I want the romantic wine and candles to concieve my first child but this topic brings on big fights. What is safe and what should I do?

name - October 6th, 2004 8:53 PM

better safe than sorry, although it would probably be fine,if you are planning on conceiving why not substitute the wine for sparkling flavoured water or something...

kf - October 6th, 2004 8:57 PM

I am 33 wks preg. with my 1st baby and I have the worst anxiety about fetal alcohol syndrome. I didn't find out till I was 7 wks...and I drank heavily. I can't exactly remember all the times I drank..I know on about 3 occasions I had about 3 quarters of a pint..and maybe 4 other times I would have had about 5/6 coolers..I know that you dont actually concieve till 2 wks after your LMP..and on top of that it takes another couple of wks for the baby to implant and attach it is only getting a small amount of your intake at that time.My doctor has reassured me with this, and that my ultrasound looked fine. plus look back to the 60s/70s.. everyone was unaware of the dangers of drinking during pregnancy

E - October 8th, 2004 9:59 PM

No sweety. Your baby will be fine. Implantation had just taken place and the likelyhood of damage from the alcohol is practically nil. Please do not worry and ask your doctor if you need extra reassurance.

Holly - November 12th, 2004 8:10 AM

I am glad to see other people have the same concerns I do. I am at 4 weeks and for the first 3 I had many social events, and drank wine after work quite liberally. Glad to hear the encouraging words!!

unknown - November 15th, 2004 10:07 AM

no!!! nyour baby may just have low birth weight but your baby will looh healthy


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