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Amie - January 24

The first day of my last menstrual period was Dec. 6, 2004, How far along am I?


shay - January 25

i had my menstrual period was on jan.6 throu 9 and had s_x on the 10th so how far along am i.


Shay - January 25

Amie - I can't tell you how far along you are if your last period was December 6, but I can tell you that I have a 6 year old daughter and my last period w/ her was on December 6 1997, and she was born 9/7/98...So, maybe that can give you, if anything, a due date estimate. She was due on 9/11/98 :) Sorry couldn't be more help!


megan - January 25

i dont know if i'm pregnant or not i know i get sleeply a lot is that a signs i be tired sometimes.


kim - January 26

Add 7 days to Dec 6th and count back 3 months that is your due date. Which is Sept. 13th. You would be 5 weeks from time of conception. A Dr. would say 7 weeks because they go by the first day of your last period. You should test positive by now. Take a test. What are your symptoms?


shay - January 27

my symptoms is i have cold a lot i'm just tired and my stoamch hurt sometimes thats really bout it.


melanie - January 27

how long before the babys brain forms


Dana - February 23

I had gottin my period Aug. 30 how far along am i


grace - February 25

how far along am I and when did I concieve if the first day of my last period was on Nov 21 2004??


Amanda - March 8

my period was the last wek of December. how far along am I?


amanda - March 9

go to google and type in preganancy calculator, it will give you a rough estimate


Tawanna - March 14

You are due oct. 15, 2005 you are 3 mths


Maria - March 28

My last period was in August 8th 2004 I want to know when my due date is because my doctors say June, but I feel like it might be earlier.


tina - March 31

last period was on dec 5 how many weeks pregnant am i


jessica - April 5

my last menstrual was dec. 15 , 2004


Alexandria - April 11

The first day of my last menstrual period was March 1, 2005.


kelly - April 16

my last period was feb 17



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