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kate - June 6

Thanks Josie and I wish you all the best. Think positive thought and keep me intouch. :)


Michelle G - June 7

I had some bleeding enough to wear a pad , the bleeding lasted 1 day, now 2 days later, and I have not had the bleeding anymore.It's too early for my menstrual period. I had my tubes tied, could I possibly still be pregnant?


Angie - June 7

hi, hopefully someone can give me some insight. Have taken 5 hpt (all VERY faint positive). Took a urine test at dr-negative. Got period for 2 days now it stopped. Usually it is 5-6 days long. any one had anything like this? The bleeding looked like a normal period-just a lot shorter. any advice would be helpful!


Gail - June 8

My period was late last month - about a week late. My periods do not come on any set day of the month--I'll just know what week, usually. So this month, I am not quite sure when my period is due..I figure next week because that is when I had my period last month (the second full week of the month)...well...I had s_x on the 4th with my husband, and on the 6th I noticed really bright red spotting on my undies, and on the tp....and it was kinda slimy too...then on the 7th it wasn't bright red, but more like brown/brownish on the tp...and the wierd thing is--is that I had no signs whatsoever--no cramps, no b___st tenderness--nothing. And I usually get all of that about a week before my periods. But here it is the 8th, and I don't have anything. No blood, nothing. Granted, it could have been my period, since it is typically due around this time. My husband and I are planning for a baby--but at this time we're just saying "if it happens, it happens"...not doing the continuously having s_x every other day thing. I have no other symptoms that I can remember...well, I did feel a bit dizzy on Monday...but that was only for a day so I don't think that counts...aren't you usually experiencing dizzyness for longer than a day when you are pregnant?? I've never been pregnant before, so I don't know. I'm tired--but I have been so tired lately, that I can't tell the difference of normal tired and "pregnancy tired" I'm not going to take a pt because my period has been late before, and I've taken tests and all were always negative. I called my obgyn, because I am we'll just have to wait and see. I wish I had more normal periods. Kudos to you that do!!!! :/


Abbey - June 11

My period is due tomorrow but for the last 3 days I have had spotting-first a light pink, then brown, then red. All only on the tp but sometimes a little on the pad. I took two pregnancy tests-both negative. My period last month was really weird-extremely heavy and clotty. I was afraid maybe I was having a miscarriage but when I called the doctor she said a lot of women who have a "weird" period usually get pregnant that cycle. Has anyone ever had this happen to them?


Gail - June 15

Well...I took a pt and it was negative. My period is now officially late, and I have no signs of pregnancy. This is driving me nuts. Must be the weather. I guess...back to the ol' drawing board! lol Good luck to everyone.


Mandy - June 16

This is for Angie....I don't know if you're pregnant or not, but 18 years ago when I got pregnant for my daughter, I had my "period" for 4 months after conception. I got pregnant in January, and got my period that month, as well as Feb, Mar and finally April was the last one. It was crazy. I was only 18 at the time and the doctor just kept telling me I was going to lose the baby, but never did (thankfully). I just wanted people to know that it is possible (but probably not probable) to still get your period after conception. Mine was at the right time of the month and lasted the exact number of normal days for me every one of those months. So, hang in there....


chevonne - June 16

Hi, I'm back this month now. I ovulated on Tues. so we did the whole baby making stuff and now we're waiting it out again. I never had to do that w/ my first baby, we tried the first month and woohoo we were pros right? Wrong! Last month we tried and were unsuccessful...and I had all the symptoms too! Anyways, we're back and need all the luck we can get. Hopefully the days will go by fast and we'll get a + preg test soon. Good luck to all of you! Do we ever hear back from people when they find out they ARE preggie? (sorry I'm new so I just thought some good news would be inspiring).


Kasi - June 16

I have no idea how many days my cycle is, 28, 30?? I have been on the pill for 11 years and have been off since October with no periods. In May the dr. gave me progesterone to make me start and I bled from May5-21. On monday June 13 I had brownish stringy stuff on my TP when I wiped. I took two hpt and both said positive. I have been having cramps though for two weeks and am scared I am not pregnant or am losing it because I still have brownish discharge that seems to increase each time it appears. Anyone have the same???


Josie - June 16

Kasi, My friend had the same problem.. She was having old blood discharge. Her doctor told her she could not work until she stopped having a discharge. The doctor told her as long as it is brown it is ok. But when it starts to look like a period that is when it is not good. She had her baby and she is 5 weeks old. So good luck and relax...


Courtney - June 16

Ok, forgive me but I've never been pregnant before, so I may sound a little naive. I'm 25, and my fiance and I have been a little careless with the condoms lately, and today I spotted a little bit. Now, I KNOW when I ovulate, I feel a dull ache in my abdomen all day. I ovulated two days ago. I never spot, so I was confused to see a little bit of blood on my tp this afternoon. Can implantation bleeding happen this soon after ovulation? Also, I keep hearing that IB is light pink or brown, and this was bright red. We're not trying to get pregnant, but we have discussed it and would be happy if I were. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.


chevonne - June 16

kasi- I would see a doctor. Not to necessarily alarm you in any way but at least to let your doc determine that you are for sure pregnant and they can answer any concerns you have. I am not sure if progesterone can alter preg tests. I would ask that too!


leonia - June 18

hi there.i've had 2 children.and was nearing my second period before i tested positive with both of them.i had a period after i conceived.2 days of red spotting and 3days of medium you can be pregnant and have a period.escpecially right after conception.


Laura - June 20

Hi there.. I had implantation bleeding with my first pregnancy. It was around 8 days after ovulation and it was just spotting. I took a pregnancy test 5 days after af was due and it was +. We are ttc again and now I'm confused. I am spotting again 8 days after ovulation, but this time it's a little different. It started brown and then was pink/red and now it's back to brown. It's been two days of spotting.. not enough to fill a pad or tampon. Not sure if I'm pregnant... I am going to wait a few days to test..I'll keep everyone posted. Good luck to all!


Lynn - June 22

Hi Mary: I've been having some what I think is implantation bleeding, too. Mine is like a dark brown mucous kind of material, like old blood. It started on day 28 and I've been irregular lately, usually starting my period day 23 or so. I just went off the pill 3 months ago to give my body a break. I'm having b___st symptoms of sore nipples, but nothing else besides the brown discharge. It is light like yours with no cramping and I did have one tinge of pink. I am now at day 34 days with no real period but almost afraid to know!!!


Jackie - June 22

Lynn, have you done any pregnancy tests? I had impantation bleeding at day 27 which I thought was my period and it went away. I did a pregnancy test day 30 which was negative. I had more spotting on day 32 and tested again on day 34 and it was positive. So, you might want to test to be safe. Hope everything works out.



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