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merjem - September 12 7:36am

hi, Im trying to become pregnant for a while now. And now I wonder do your br___t have to feel sore in the beginning of your pregnancy? I mean maybe it can come later, and not right away and you might still be pregnant..

Alycia - September 12 8:39am

My b___sts didn't start to get a little sore until I was 5 weeks. I'm 6 weeks now, and they're killing me! But I got my BFP over a week before I felt the tiniest twinge or change in my b___sts.

Amanda - September 12 1:32pm

Hi merjem, I am 7w and 4d prego and my b___sts still don't hurt.My nipples are a little sore though.Not all women experience b___st tenderness.

tiffany - September 18 3:07pm

Usually your b___sts get sore in the first month of pregnancy

paula - September 19 8:38pm

with my second child my b___sts did'nt get sore till in the third month and my friend b___sts did'nt get sore at all.she has really small b___sts do you?.

Nickolette Carlson - October 1 12:07pm

is it possible to have a negative pregnany test and still be pregnant

merjem - October 1 1:49pm

I am 5 weeks pregnant....found out a week ago that I was pg. My b___sts are still not "sore". The nipples are a little different looking, and b___bs are slightly swollen, but they do not hurt. All women are different.

rae - October 1 5:29pm

mine were SO SORE i could barely take it. since i didnt know i was preggers until around 6 months, i thought it was cause im a dd and i was sleeping without a bra... turns out i was wrong. but it didnt last too long and i suppose it was bearable since im still here.. =)


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