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il - September 26 12:13am

I am only 33 weeks 3 days and I started to have the mp tinged with blood when i was 31 weeks. It then stopped until 11 days later (33 weeks) . stopped 2 days and I had it again and this time it becomes more and colour brown. But I don't feel any contractions yet. Is it considered bloody show? Am I too early to have that? I went to the doctor twice already and everything seems to be ok so far. I am so worried as i had 1 miscarriage before.

Meagan - September 26 9:41am

The color of the mucous plug varies. I'm reasonably sure I lost mine gradually, and it came in stickly little yellow globs, but I've heard that it can be red-streaked, brown, yellow, or even greenish yellow, and it can come out all in one glob.

Also, remember that losing it is only a sign your body is getting ready for delivery. Actually bringing that kid out could be a few weeks later. Here I am at 40 weeks, 6 days from my due date (October 2nd) and I'm still waiting through practice contractions for my baby to be born.

Isha - October 1 2:39pm

well,colour of MP varies.Its not necessary that it will be bloody show.I am 35 weeks and had MP which was while gelatine sticky this morning..I think another two weeks..

pamela hooper - October 4 4:43pm

Hi Im like 2 months pregant ! I have
werid mild cramps that come and go
all day what is it?

Rachel - October 6 11:56am

How soon did you start noticing discharge form your mucous plug forming? I am 2 dpo and checked my c/m this morning and i'm soryr in advance for being gross, but there was a blob of gel-like cm that was thick (almost like thick snot). I have never ever seen that before now...I'm curious if it could be a mucous plug beginning to form (just hoping I guess), it's probably too early for that but...

Tasha - October 8 11:05pm

Mine was a whiteish, yellow color. No bloody show! What happens after it comes out??

Nicole - October 9 10:01pm

I am 39wks. I went to the doc's on friday and had my membranes stripped. She told me to go walking and have s_x to see if that would induce labor. But nothing has happened. Except when we had s_x. When he pulled his p___s out there was this huge white glob on that a mucous plug? And ever since then I have been losing stringy greenish-yellow a thick jello. Does that mean labor is right around the corner???

Tasha - October 11 8:32pm

Mine was more like a Yellowish color and was rubbery! EWW! But it came out over 3 days! Does this mean i'm gonna go into labor soon?

Dianna - October 12 4:00pm

I'm 39+4 weeks pregnant 3cm dilated and the baby is at 0 station. The doctor stripped my membranes yesterday Oct 11,2005 and today I had a thick brown discharge, could this be my mucous plug? I'm due Oct 15, 2005.Is labor soon?

Abi - October 18 8:56am

What does it mean when you say the doctor stripped your membranes? As for the mucous plug mine started out as a big clear blob and is now blood tinged. My contractions are irregular, but hopefully will become regular. I am 40 weeks and 4 days, and was told not to call the doctor until my contractions were 5 mins apart for a full hour. Good luck to all.

Dee - October 18 2:33pm

It will be brownish red and it will be thick and look like little blood clots.

JennyCat - October 18 11:54pm

Today is my due date. Reading all of the posts here has really helped! I believe that the gross little globs of jelly I've been seeing when I wipe are actually part of my mucus plug! This is so exciting! I've been in intense false labor (painful Braxton-Hix) for about 4 weeks now and I'm so thankful something has happened. Even if we're still a few weeks away, I'm glad some progress is being made! Good luck to all of you out there.

patricia - October 19 3:02am

well i think i lost i. Last week i lost what looked like to be a big glob of yellowish snot no blood......and every day since i have lost a little tiny bit. Tonight i woke up and felt something in my pants its like stringy white colored it kinda looks like c_m......i know that doesn't sound the best but its the only way to discribe it. I keep having irragular contractions. I tryed s_x,enemas,walking everything to get this baby out but nothing. I'm still thick and closed as of monday the 17th. Im 38 weeks and it hurts so bad to be prego right now. My crotch hurts like hell i can't even open my legs with out giving a wine. Am I loosing my mind or did i really lose some of my plug???? I'm a 1st time mom with a lot of questions so please give some advice

katie - October 20 6:07am

what does my baby look like after 4 weeks

Valerie - October 21 3:21pm

I lost my mucous plug in one ma__sive pile of what looked like thick snot or phlegm about two weeks ago. It was yellow/clearish and at the time I was 1-2 cm dilated. Ever since I have been losing very small amounts of it, nothing major. But twice today, so far, I have lost a semi-big glob that is brown. And have been having irregular contractions that come and go (gone for now) for three days now. This is my second pregnancy. With the first I can't remember if I ever lost my mp, I really didn't pay attention because everything was so new and scary, but at that time my water broke and then came contractions. This time I feel like I'm never going to go into labor. Even if I walk or do other recommended things, it doesn't start labor. I hope the change in color means something.

lola - October 23 10:02pm

what does it mean when u lose your mucus plug


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