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Ame lababi - May 8 9:28am

I know I am ovulating today, how many hours the life span for the ovum from day of ovulation

Gina - May 10 12:27pm

12-36 hours I think I read somewhere.

bump - May 11 1:12pm


BUMP - May 12 1:14pm


Kaz - May 16 7:34am

1 day I think, but sperm survive for at least 3 days.

Natali - May 21 11:43pm

It rakes about 10 hours. It would be complete in about 10-15 hours

Anupa - May 30 7:48pm

Wats the life span of an ovum?

ca__sandra - June 5 11:16pm

my husband and i were discussing the same question? I say 24 hours and he says 3 days

drogan76 - June 12 11:07am

ovum life span is 48 hour, but remember your have two
ovum factory if their had be release at not same time it longer..sperm life span is 4 days.. but medical recorded 8 days inside not outside woman reproduction span is age of the ovum, after have been release from your ovari.for example the life span of china people is average 80 year old.

drogan76 - June 12 11:16am

its very important to know you ovulusion time.. take another child or to prevent precnancy.for example my friend husband working 2 week a way from his home, and his wife were ovulution during that period this the main reason why their cant have after 3 months monitoring his wife body temperature.. we knew the point what date every months his wife were ovulution..for example in this case 20 to 22 every months, so before this date 20 every months the husband must at home.( take a annual leave)


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