Period And Pregnant Share Your Story

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Tammy276 - April 11

O.K. i am way confusing myself here. I got my period, when it was due, but it was not normal. I had taken a hpt before I got it and it was neg.......Usually, I use supersuper tampons the first two days, super or regular the next two days, and light for one day, and then just liners. Sorry if tmi. Well, when I got it, I wore one regular the first day, and a regular the second day and the second day after 7 hours, it wasn't even full. Then the third day, I didn't start bleeding again until like the afternoon sometime. For the most part, I wore liners, and one pad.....It wasn't a normal period for me. I started AF on April 3, and it was done by that Friday. I haven't been feeling quite "normal", still some cramping, and bb's hurt, but I wasn't sure if it was my imagination or not, so last night when I got home from the bar, I took another hpt our of curiosity. Well, there was a faint line, but I thought I was just seeing I looked again this morning, and the line was still there......I don't know whats going on...Could I be pregnant and still have gotten my period? I should have waited to test until this morning, because I had two huge glasses of water b4 I left the bar, and had pee'd like an hour before I took the test......I really don't want to go out and waste more money on more tests. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I could really use some advice. I feel like I want to be preg. so bad, my body is just playing tricks on me!


corinne - April 14

If you had a faint line than I suggest getting another test. Because it does sound like ur pregnant.


corinne - April 14

ps. Keep me informed on the results


Tammy276 - April 14

I took a different brand and it was neg.


corinne - April 14

You should think about going and seeing a doctor. There you will get a clear answer.



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