Question On Potty Training

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baby123456 - May 5

2 )Thanks for the prompt reply.

For my Son, to be potty trained , I tried everything like a treat , Stickers, even made a chart and showed it to him how good he is doing, even gave him a lollipop , if he doing his poppy in his potty seat , but nothing is working. I stay at home and so all the time he is in his underwear , even while he is taking his afternoon nap.
Now-a-days he started saying, "I don't want a treat". He can easily control his poppy (#2) even for a day or 2.
I really don't know how to tell him and how to go about the potty training. So Please, let me know if I'm missing anything?.

Thank you.


jamiew - May 6

How about he isnt ready yet? .... 2 years old sometimes can be a little soon.... Give the boy a break and start again later


kimberly - May 12

All I can say is consistency. With both of my boys it just took lots of effort and encouraging. My almost 3 year old is now fully trained but he didn't truly get it until I bought him and Elmo potty stuffed toy. He sings a potty song and has his own potty seat with it. He tells him when he has to pee. Sounds silly but it really did work for him. Now he puts all the stuffed animals on the potty before he goes. Maybe try to make a game of it with his toys or something.



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