Weight Loss Anyone Else Have It

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missarose22 - May 27

Hello all, I am 15 wks 4 days pregnant and I have been losing weight. I just want to ask if everyone things this is ok. My starting weight was 205 pounds and I was 6 weeks along when I found out. Since then I have lost 15 pounds. My doctor says it's fine because I was "morbidly obese" to begin with. (I should note that I am very athletic and have a lot of muscle, I am 5' 4 tall) But everyone I talk to starts freaking out when I tell them I've lost so much weight. I'm not trying to lose weight but right now my appet_te is just about non existant. Oh and I only had morning sickness for two weeks and it wasn't bad so I don't blame that on losing weight. What do you all think? Has anyone else lost weight while pregnant? And I want to note that I'm not starving myself. I do eat three or more times a day even if I'm not hungry b/c I know there's a little person inside me that needs it. It's just the amount of food I eat isn't a lot. What do you think?


kimberly - May 29

I never lost while pregnant but if you were eating unhealthy before you got pregnant and now you are eating healthier foods and normal portions, it would be understandable why you are losing weight. It should start to increase now that you are in the second trimester. Just make sure you take your vitamins and are eating from the 4 food groups. If the weight loss continues though you and your Dr. might want to discuss the cause or maybe see a dietician.


ladylaker42 - September 7

I am pregnant with my 3rd child - my first two pregnancies I lost weight, about 38 lbs with the first and 26 lbs with the 2cnd - both my babies were healthy! I was sick the whole time with both but I was also overweight. The baby will get the nutrition from you - you just eat well and continue your prenatal care and it should all be fine. Weight loss isn't always a bad thing. I left the hospital after the birth of my first son wearing Old "skinny" jeans - it was great and we were all healthy! Good luck!


LoriAnn12 - October 1

Yes, I am having some weight-loss also. I have been eating, eating well - no refined sugars and soft drinks. I suppose that could be it, but I am drinking a ton of water.


shelly08 - October 17

I have lost a little weight too but I think that it is normal for me to loose weight in the first tri-master. I think that it has a lot to do with nausea and an increase in metabolism. I have been drinking nothing but bottled water this time around as well, which I'm sure has an effect. I only drank diet soda before but now that tastes awful. Water is the only thing I can stomach.



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