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Video For Posterity

Any woman who has delivered a baby, and was conscious when she did, probably can tell you most of what went on in the delivery room. These days, just for good measure, when a woman delivers a baby, a video is often made of the entire process - so nobody forgets and so those who couldn't be there for the actual birth get to take part later. When the baby is old enough to understand a little bit, mom may show the video and explain how babies are born. It really is a great way to deal with the stork fable.

Stores of Baby Deliveries

The stories of the baby delivery scene are replete, many of them describing the father who couldn't handle the situation and either faints or throws up. Of course, there are many wonderful baby delivery scenes and stories that are amazing as the father is there to coach and encourage his wife or partner through the process of giving birth. And, truly, giving birth is an amazing and beautiful thing.

Nevertheless, there are times when the baby delivery scene is less than what everyone expected - or, depending upon your outlook - more than anyone expected. For instance, one woman wrote about being in labor and being examined by the doctor, only to find that she had dilated five centimeters but her water had not broken. When the doctor touched the cervix, the water broke - all over the doctor's pants, shirt, and shoes. Laughter from everyone but the doctor brought labor on hard enough to birth the baby very quickly.

Well Done, Captain!

We've all read stories about emergency support people delivering babies. It happens all of the time, and sadly, we don't hear enough of these great stories. They are a real encouragement. In Forest Grove, Oregon, a young couple ended up on the doorstep of the local fire department. The young man yelled into the fire hall, "My wife's having a baby!" The only one there to help was the fire chief himself. The crew was out dealing with a commercial fire and that left the chief alone to deliver the baby - which he did with finesse. It was his 29th delivery of his firefighting career. However, this time he was solo, the fire crew wasn't there to help delivery the baby boy, who arrived healthy and well. It has to be stressful for an emergency crew when, after the baby is born, the placenta has to be dealt with...

The Wonder of a Midwife

When a midwife is involved in the process, there tends to be more calm around the birth. Midwives are often with a woman once the labor begins, in the early stages, so she can monitor what is going on, how things are progressing and when to move into the next phase of the delivery. It really does make a difference for everyone. The calming presence of someone who knows what they're dong and how to get the job done efficiently is a very soothing factor to an expectant family. When a midwife is present, it is possible for kids to see the delivery of the baby, as long as they can handle it. Most kids are happy to know there's a new member of the family but that's about where the interest ends.

Midwives are skilled at birthing babies - that's what they are trained to do, and that's really what they love to do. So, they're good at it. When the time comes to deliver a baby, the gift of having a midwife present brings a confidence and quietness that allows an expectant mother to relax (as best she's able) and do the work necessary to bring her baby forth, knowing she's in good hands.


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