Pregnancy Problems

While every pregnant woman wishes for a healthy and full pregnancy, the reality is that in many cases pregnancy problems do arise. These complications can range from mild to severe, including general health concerns as well as those specific to pregnancy, and may result in pregnancy loss.  Learn more about the types of problems that may arise during pregnancy and about what you can do to minimize your risk for any pregnancy complications.  Also find out about what to do incase of a pregnancy emergency and about how to keep yourself as healthy as possible during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Risk Factors

Luckily, there are some pregnancy risks factors that women can avoid in order to increase the chances of having a healthy pregnancy and child. Indeed, exposure to toxins such as cigarettes and alcohol is likely to affect both the mother as well as the baby's health, the consequences of which may have lasting effects in the future.  There are also certain foods to avoid when pregnant to ensure a healthy and safe delivery of your baby. Ultrasounds and blood tests during pregnancy can also help to keep an eye on your baby's development and watch for any signs of pregnancy complications.  Many complications can be handled early on before they develop into serious problems for you or your baby.  Be sure to have regular check ups with your doctor throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Complications

Even if a mother avoids exposure to potentially dangerous substances, other unexpected pregnancy complications

may arise. Knowing some of the signs and symptoms of these pregnancy concerns can help ensure early diagnosis and treatment of these potentially harmful conditions.  Also, be sure to get regular check ups during your pregnancy so that your doctor can watch for signs of common pregnancy complications like preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, or a low birth weight baby.

Pregnancy complications not only affect the mother's health but may impact the health of her child. Our complications with baby section provides a useful guide for parents concerned with medical conditions that may affect their newborn baby.  Learn more about how to keep your baby safe.

STDS and Pregnancy

Sexually transmitted diseases pose unique concerns during pregnancy, since these may affect an unborn child or be transmitted from mother to baby during birth. Find out about treatment options and health precautions that women can take when it comes to STDs and pregnancy.  Also learn more about which STDs are most dangerous for newborn babies and about what to do if you contract one of these STDs prior to or during pregnancy.  There are treatments that can be given to protect your baby.  Find out more today.

Complications can be quite unexpected during pregnancy and can happen to anyone at any point, it is a doctors job to spot these as early as possible and deal with them quickly and as best they can. 

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Good Day! I am 45 of age a mother of 4 kids. Now my husband is asking me another child, my last period was last December 10. 2014, now I'm almost 11weeks delayed. I tried every month Strips (urine test) but it is negative. Yesterday, i went to doctor to make U/S but he can't see anything. But I feel that I am pregnant and my husband also got some of the symptoms of pregnant like very sleepy, and very choosy on foods he wants to eat. Still I am confused though I also tried the blood test last month but still negative. I am thinking maybe I am in the menopausal stage....On my last menstrual period which is Dec 10, my OB let me drink Clomid and Climen then month of January, February I don't have periods. Now to much confused if I am pregnant or not...Please let me know what to do? I am presently here in Saudi Arabia..Hope to hear your advises....Thanks!!!
3 years ago
Anum Adil
salam - o - alikum I m trying to get pregnant since 1.5year... I had polystic overy... but now my all reports are ok.. my menstrual cycle is exactly 1st to 1st before 4months.. my period came at 1st dec and 16dec I had too much pain in my stomach. . I went to Dr. . Dr check me and said.. congrats naturally egg raptured. . Now in.shaa.Allah soon u will get pregnant. .. now my period date had to come on 1st january but after 2day mean yesterday 3rd january my period came :-( and it was too heavy. . I was sleeping in evening suddenly I woke up and looked even bed sheet also become dirty.. it never happened before. .. now im very much worry. . Am I pregnant or not.. Please tell me what should I do to get pregnant. . After rupturing egg I was taking duphaston tablet for 15 days.. and im continuously taking glucophage 2 times a day and 1 folic acid everyday. . Please guide me.. im living in Qatar, Doha
3 years ago
Hi...i got married just one year back, I am pcod problem for past 6 month I am taking gave herface for 3 month,then she gave hormone tablet my next period starts with 12 days of my previous period... Now it almost 65 day's till I not get my period.. Doctor prescribed tablets like deviry and mensuline but now use..I Taken scan twice it shows no wat is the problem.. I am worrying a lot.. Anybody is there to reply me.
3 years ago
Binita Thapa
I'm Binita. My husband and mine blood group are the Rh negative (B- negative). Our 1st baby (8 week) was miscarriage early. We are now planning for a baby. We would like to know if we make baby what we have to know and is there any problem of our blood group. Thanks.
4 years ago
Please help! A year ago I woke up sick rushed to hospital Turned out I had a cyst in my cervix and my right ovary also had to Be removed. The doctors gave my husband and I a 10% chance of Getting pregnant. Well April 19 was my last period turns out when you Don't try it happens. I'm having pains under my hip bones that are very Dull then sharp. My next appointment is not for 11 days for my first ultrasound Can't tell if pain is due to constapation (sorry TMI) or there is a problem. Don't want to worry My husband he is so excited, any comment will help. I drink plenty of water, Live on veggies and fruit and I work on my feet for five hours a day. Take regular naps. Please help...
5 years ago