Am I Pregnant?

If you suspect that you might be pregnant, consider taking a home pregnancy test

right away. Learn about when you can take these home tests, the advantages and disadvantages to these tests and about how accurate these test are. But how can they determine that you’re pregnant? HCG Levels in Pregnancy can help you understand more about the hormones these pregnancy tests are looking for.  Learn more about how a home pregnancy test works about when is the best time for you to take one.

Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if you’re actually pregnant or just experiencing a flu or PMS. To help you distinguish between being pregnant and just thinking that maybe, possibly, you might be pregnant, take a look at our signs of pregnancy and pregnancy symptoms sections or try our on-line pregnancy test. If you're still not sure but you have a pet, then take a cue from them. As Sensing Pregnancy explains, pets are often intuitive when it comes to pregnancy.  Some common early pregnancy symptoms might be morning sickness, tender breasts, frequent urination, tiredness, moodiness, and food cravings.  If you have any of these symptoms you might want to think about taking a home pregnancy test.

If you are in fact pregnant and are experiencing morning sickness, you might want to think about something more enjoyable than your present condition.  Have some fun by reading Boy or Girl – Myths and Facts.  It really take your mind off your morning sickness to read about all the different ways you can determine the sex of your baby. And despite the bad reputation that the pregnancy experience gets, there are many positive benefits of pregnancy.  Learn more about all of the good things about being pregnant and find out why so many women love this time in their lives.  Of course, nothing will compare to the joy you will feel when your pregnancy is over and you finally get to meet your new baby.

Pregnancy Due-Date

If you really can’t wait for your little bundle of joy to come along, then learn about the different methods that are used to calculate your due date.  Find out when to expect your new baby so that you can start planning and preparing for his or her arrival.  Getting all of the baby stuff and preparing the nursery is part of the fun of pregnancy.  Find out how long you have to enjoy this experience. 


Please note: If you have been sexually active and experience any pregnancy symptoms, the American Pregnancy Association recommends testing for pregnancy.

If you are pregnant you can learn more about doulas, midwives, birth centers and other pregnancy related information by visiting the American Pregnancy Association.

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My friend and I had unprotected sex on Friday afternoon. My last period was on Nov. 18th, so it should be herelike today or in the next few days! I am trying to get pregnant and was a little confused. Some of my friends said, ovulation depends on the woman, each is different. Others say I missed my zone for getting pregnant! Any advice is welcome.
7 years ago
well, im 18 and i really dont know what to think. these are my symptoms- -really sore breats and sensitive nipples -eating and eating but still hungry -craving something but dont know what -crying so much one minute and then laughing the next -dizzy -hot one minute then cold the next but last night, i bled alot but it was all brown blood. im not due on my period for another 2 weeks so i dont know why im bleeding. i put a pad on but im filling them with brown blood. I thought i was having a miscarriage so today i got pregnancy tests but it says negative. So if im not pregnant then why am i bleeding like this and having lots of symptoms? my mom said that bworn blood means old blood so i could be havin a miscarriage. i read about spotting from implantation bleeding but everyones saying thats liek a drop of blood and thats it. What could it be ?
7 years ago
hey i was supose to gey my period two days ago and still havent got it took two clearblue tests both very faint lines in vertical i thought i was just seeing things but bf seen them too and they showed up within the first 5min took a digital after and said negitive im confused can someone help ?
7 years ago
Okay, So November has been a weird month for me. On the first I got my period, and it was a little lighter than normal, okay whatever. It lasted the usual, about 3-5 days. BUT, a week after it ended i had about 3 days of very light pink spotting, only noticing it when I wiped. It then turned into a brownish color that lasted for about a day and then it got heavy enough that I had to use a tampon. All in all, the bleeding lasted about a week and a half. Went to my doctor, she ordered an ultrasound to check for any abnormalities and found nothing, my uterus and ovaries are fine. I was due to start my period around 4 days ago and I had around a half day to about a day of brownish spotting, and then nothing. I have had slight cramps but nothing too noticeable. I did have sex with my husband after I finished bleeding. I am on the pill and I know I shouldn't have had that random bleeding... What I am asking is what are the chances that I am actually pregnant? I have been getting headaches and random spurts where I feel like I am going to throw up, but the feeling passes in a matter of minutes. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated!
7 years ago
HEY I had my period last week. But it was only for 4 days.3 really. And three days after i stopped bleeding, I wiped after using the bathrom (sry) and there was blood jus a little. And i jus went pee. Now I'm having cramps and breast tenderness off and on a lot and back pain and rly tired. Getting headaches and discharge, like a white discharge.. i had sex last week a lot w my husband and 3 weeks ago.. well I'm wandering if wat I thought was my period could be implantation bleeding? Could I be prego? Idk if I shld test now or not any help?
7 years ago