Am I Pregnant?

If you suspect that you might be pregnant, consider taking a home pregnancy test

right away. Learn about when you can take these home tests, the advantages and disadvantages to these tests and about how accurate these test are. But how can they determine that you’re pregnant? HCG Levels in Pregnancy can help you understand more about the hormones these pregnancy tests are looking for.  Learn more about how a home pregnancy test works about when is the best time for you to take one.

Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if you’re actually pregnant or just experiencing a flu or PMS. To help you distinguish between being pregnant and just thinking that maybe, possibly, you might be pregnant, take a look at our signs of pregnancy and pregnancy symptoms sections or try our on-line pregnancy test. If you're still not sure but you have a pet, then take a cue from them. As Sensing Pregnancy explains, pets are often intuitive when it comes to pregnancy.  Some common early pregnancy symptoms might be morning sickness, tender breasts, frequent urination, tiredness, moodiness, and food cravings.  If you have any of these symptoms you might want to think about taking a home pregnancy test.

If you are in fact pregnant and are experiencing morning sickness, you might want to think about something more enjoyable than your present condition.  Have some fun by reading Boy or Girl – Myths and Facts.  It really take your mind off your morning sickness to read about all the different ways you can determine the sex of your baby. And despite the bad reputation that the pregnancy experience gets, there are many positive benefits of pregnancy.  Learn more about all of the good things about being pregnant and find out why so many women love this time in their lives.  Of course, nothing will compare to the joy you will feel when your pregnancy is over and you finally get to meet your new baby.

Pregnancy Due-Date

If you really can’t wait for your little bundle of joy to come along, then learn about the different methods that are used to calculate your due date.  Find out when to expect your new baby so that you can start planning and preparing for his or her arrival.  Getting all of the baby stuff and preparing the nursery is part of the fun of pregnancy.  Find out how long you have to enjoy this experience. 


Please note: If you have been sexually active and experience any pregnancy symptoms, the American Pregnancy Association recommends testing for pregnancy.

If you are pregnant you can learn more about doulas, midwives, birth centers and other pregnancy related information by visiting the American Pregnancy Association.

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Ok a year ago in October I had my tubes tied and everything. This last month I started having issues with my stomach constantly being nauseated, sore br--st plus they have increased in size, been overly tired and want to do nothing but also. When my period came it was just two days long then stopped. I normally last 5 to 7 days very heavy from day 2 to say 4 (6 on 7 day ones) but I had none of that. It was short and no where near as heavy as it normally would be. Had a physical don't at the beginning of the month and was all good. I am a mom of five with three being mine and have never had this happen. The others I just knew I was but while its not likely my gut says I am one of the ones that the tubes tied didn't work. Any ideas?
4 years ago
I went off the pill one month ago, august, as I was having ALOT of hormone changes. My mood swings were wicked and my acne has broken out like I just hit puberty again! My nails have been growing awesome in the last month of being off it and my hair is extra shinny but now I am supposed to get my period (yesterday) and no sign other then cramps in my stomach and legs and my breasts are swollen and sore and to make matters even better my nipples feel like they are on fire. I don't usually experience the nipple burning sensation but my boobs do usually swell at my period time. I am kind of nervous I could be pregnant as me and my boyfriend had sex two weeks ago and he forgot I went off the pill and he didn't pull out in time. YES I KNOW I SHOULD USE CONDOMS...but I didn't so can someone advise if they think I could be pregnant for is this is just a coincidence with symptoms from going off the pill...I know some people do not get a regular period for a while after going off.
4 years ago
I had sex with my bf on the 30 the in supposed to get my period 3 days ago :( , I've been getting light headed, nauseous , having lots of head aches , going to he bathroom a lot, I get tired so quickly, the bottom of my stomach (where my hips at) I get pain like on one side the. The other (comes and go) on my back too, am I pregnant? please help
4 years ago
my last depo shot was In October and I took 4 home pregnancy test and came out saying I was went to the dr one line was darker than the top could I be pregnant?
5 years ago
Last month my period started around the 20th, on the 29th me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex..on the 12th of this.month I noticed a faint pink discharge..not even enough for a panty liner only noticeable when I last for 3-4 days with no I have a brighter red discharge it's not a lot like a normal.period but I do have to use a tampon..I had slight cramps for only a little while and haven't had any all it possible I am experiencing implantation bleeding?
5 years ago