What Will You Have?

Are your pregnant with a boy or girl? Think you know? Find out what the pregnancy wives tales predict you’ll have with this quiz!

  1. When you look in the mirror, how are you carrying?


  2. And just where is that belly pointed?

    Front and center
    Off to the side

  3. What about your belly shape?

    Watermelon all the way
    Definitely a beach ball

  4. How about the view from the back? Has your rear:

    Become bigger?
    Looks about the same?

  5. Has your nose grown during your pregnancy?:

    Stayed the same
    Become a bit wider

  6. As for your face, you’ve noticed that it:

    Hasn’t really changed at all
    Looks rounder and fuller

  7. Have you been plagued with acne during this pregnancy?

    Not a even a blackhead!
    Pass the acne cream

  8. Go grab your partner. Since getting pregnant he:

    Hasn’t gained an ounce
    Could match you for weight gain

  9. When looking at your breasts, which one is bigger?


  10. Have your nipples become noticeably darker during your pregnancy?


  11. Has your pregnancy given you cold feet?

    They’re like icicles!
    They’re the same toasty-tootsies!

  12. At the very beginning of your pregnancy, how was your morning sickness?

    What morning sickness?
    I was sick from day one

  13. What type of food cravings has this pregnancy given you?

    Give me meat and cheese
    Anything sweet, please

  14. Your baby’s heart rate is:

    Below 140
    Above 140

  15. Now, put one of your rings on a string and dangle it in front of your stomach. Does the ring:

    Move back and forth?
    Swing in circles?

  16. Finally, what do you believe you’re having?


  17. Best of luck!