Baby Bags

Once upon a time they were called diaper bags. No longer. Now, they are baby bags, and unless you knew for sure that's what you were looking at, you'd never know that those sleek, sexy bags were full of baby gear - and maybe mom's wallet and keys.

Celebrity Baby Bags - Who's Carrying Which Brand?

As with all things these days, diaper bags have moved into the fashion scene and are part of a well-heeled mom's fashion accessories. Fashion statements are being made daily by celebrities carrying a child in one arm and a designer baby bag draped over the other arm. Even though some of the baby bags are very expensive, it is possible to find great designs, styles, and fabrics in prices that are affordable. If you're looking for a fabulous gift for a new parent, personalize a baby bag for them. It will go everywhere they go with the baby and it's a stand out item, for sure.

With all of the new additions to the Hollywood set, several designers to the stars got into the act and are now creating designer bags for babies. Fleurville, a company that uses eco-friendly fabrics and technologies that are both PVC-free and lead-free, is one such design company. Their celebrity baby bags have been seen on the shoulders of people like Ben Affleck and Sarah Jessica Parker. Another favorite of celebrities is baby bag maker, Juicy. Their contoured baby bags are big enough to handle all of baby's things plus a few items of moms - like yoga pants and a tee, or an extra sweater. No need for two bags when one Juicy bag will do the trick.

OiOi, Fun and Function

But, a baby bag has to be more than a fashion accessory. Functional baby bags are necessary. Period. There's no point in having a great looking bag if it isn't doing the trick - especially when you're toting around a baby on one hip and bag on the other. OiOi Diaper Bags has stepped into the international market and has become a name synonymous with function and fashion. Lisa Bennett, an Aussie, created this brand of eco-friendly and practical accessories and bags when she had her daughter. Obviously, the need for a fun baby bag that was functional opened the door to the creation of these amazing, fashionable baby bags. OiOi Diaper Bags are designed to accommodate baby's needs by including everything you can imagine in a very organized fashion. There's a change pad, hard cover baby wipes case, zip pockets, elasticized pockets, bottle holders, wipe bags, storage places, and fixed roller straps. Since a real live Mom designed these bags, you know they've got all the things real moms need in a bag. On the outside they're a fashion statement and on the inside they're as practical as can be.

Skip, Hop, and Jump for These Bags

Skip Hop is another great name in bags, totes and backpacks. They come in 70 different designs and styles and are designed to handle everything from clothing changes to toys. Built to hang on the stroller, these functional and fun baby bags are priced to allow you to have a few of them. Check out the wide variety Skip Hop has to offer and choose a couple of baby bags to suit your moods. Leave one in the car, attach one to the stroller, and keep one in the baby dresser - just in case.

On a Personal Note

Probably the epitome of baby bags are those that are hand made with love by someone special. These are the bags that consider the specific mother and child and often have the little things included that only that special mom understands. Hand made baby bags are unique and each one is different. A beautiful gift that will become a treasure can be personalized with monograms or the child's name.

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