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One thing most women notice after they've given birth is that their back hurts. Sometimes standing is bothersome, and if she has to bend a lot, it can really hurt. That's why, even though it is possible to change a baby almost anywhere - including the front seat of the car and the floor, having a suitable surface at the right height is a real bonus. Baby changing stations in public restrooms are a good example of how much easier it is to change a baby when the surface is designed for the purpose and is at the right height.

Buying A Nursery Dresser

When buying baby furniture, one of the items on the list for baby nursery furniture is usually a change table or a baby dresser that is high enough to serve the dual purpose of holding baby clothing and essentials as well as a changing pad to allow for convenient diaper changing. If you're building a baby changing table, the plans should comply with the safety standards to ensure baby is safe at all times. If the design calls for a flat rather than contoured surface, then the safety standards indicate there must be a barrier on all sides, to prevent baby from rolling off the table. There are currently models of retractable changing tables that sit on top of a baby dresser and attach to the back with "L" brackets. These retractable style changing tables are closed on three rather than four sides, therefore not considered to be safe according to Consumer Reports.

Choosing a Change Table

If you decide upon a changing table rather than a removable changing pad for the baby dresser, then there are a few things to look for when searching for a commercial baby changing table. One of the things is storage. Most changing tables have open shelves or bins that make reaching for diapers or clothing easy and some have drawers. A drawer right under the table surface is a good place to keep things like ointments and things you may prefer to be kept out of sight. Once the baby begins to crawl, open shelving and bins become treasure chests for little hands.

Doubling Up - Dresser and Changing Surface

Opting to use baby furniture surfaces for a changing table means that you should choose a dresser that is lower and wide rather than tall and narrow. This ensures that the dresser won't tip forward with the weight of the baby. If you have to use a taller, narrow, unit, then use brackets and attach it to the wall for stability. Have all of the things necessary for a diaper change or clothing change before you get started. Have the diaper pail close by so you don't have to reach and leave the baby unattended, even for a few seconds. Your baby should never be alone on a change table, even if you're using safety straps and even if you are positive your baby is secure. It takes less than a breath for a baby to fall from a surface.

Plan Ahead...

Before you head off into baby nursery furniture land, take a careful assessment of what your real needs are and consider all the furniture you are planning to put into the nursery. It may happen that you don't have room for both a changing table and a dresser. If that's the case, choose a lower, wide dresser and pass on the change table. Then, buy a contoured changing pad with a safety strap and attach it securely to the dresser, according to the directions that come from the manufacturer.

...Check It Thoroughly

If you are buying a baby changing table, then try it out in the store before you commit to it. Test it as if you were changing a baby on it. If it's too low, consider the fact that you may end up with backaches from using it - and then try a taller one. Check the drawers and make sure everything moves well, smoothly and without sticking. Do not get caught by the "discount price" if the unit has been damaged. Risking your baby's safety is not worth the monetary savings you may receive. Once the baby has hit the weight maximum for the change table, stop using it. They are designed to hold only so much weight and if that weight is exceeded, there is a chance the table could collapse.

Make sure your changing table has a guarantee and that it is certified safe.

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